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Started by Rad Thunder, 2012 Sep 09, 20:33:07

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Rad Thunder

UGH! This whole day has been one large SNAFU! >A< Here's what happened:

I call at noon to find out that my comp can't be upgraded with the 2nd graphics card because the tower is too small.
I go to pick it up, get my refund, and take my comp home. I unpack, and find out the monitor I have does not fit with my tower, so...
I go to buy a new monitor that supports my new tower. I get that home and unpack it, and find out that it does not come with the cord I need. :l So once again...
I go down again and explain the problem, and they say that the cord is sold seperately! >:( So I buy an HDMI cable to go with it and bring it all home again, get it set up, and get ready to finally play, right?
The monitor isn't picking up the symbol from the tower! I spend 10 minutes trying to get it to work before I finally call Geek Squad (Yes it came from Best Buy) to get a solution. What did they come up with?
Take it to the store and have them fix it! WTB?! >:O
I spend all day driving back and forth to the store 3 times, spend over $1500 of my money for all the things I need, and when I get yet another problem, they blow me off! I'll go back again tomorrow, and if they give me this runaround one more time, I'm getting a full refund and never shopping at Best Buy again!

Unless anypony here is tech savvy and can give me a hand, that would be great.


I may be able to help depending on what your tower looks like is it possible for you to provide a picture of your towers hookups, if I see them I can probably determine what you need for it a picture of the monitor hookups would also help.

If it's not picking up an HDMI signal it's possible that the drivers are not working correctly, but a normal monitor hookup should always work regardless of drivers.

Rad Thunder

Rad Thunder

Here's the back of my tower:
Spoiler: show

The red circle is the HDMI port which is the only thing other then the AC cable that's plugged into the monitor. Below it are USB ports and below them are for the audio stuff.

The monitor was too packed up to get a pic of.


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Is that a 2nd HDMI port on the far right where the green is at? (I'm not sure accurate the pointers are as it's hard to see the hookups there.)

The two big ones beside it are VGA and DVI hookups if I recall correctly. Anyways that seems to be where your graphics card is located at, if that's a 2nd HDMI port next to the two big ones That would be where you want your monitor to plug into, and even if it's not another HDMI theres another cable you can use instead depending on your monitor. (Although those two big ones may both be DVI hookups I can't tell in the picture.)

Rad Thunder

I checked it. It's not an HDMI. A DVI cable of some sort came with the monitor, but it's too small to fit into the ports.


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Hmm it's probably VGA then it's hard to tell with pictures does your monitor use DVI or can it use both VGA and DVI? A VGA hookup is smaller and won't fit a DVI cord, it would be a safer bet if you could get a zoom in picture on the ports I pointed at earlier so we can be sure it's the correct port on the tower.



Does your monitor have these hookups?

Rad Thunder

Oh, guess I got them mixed up. I have a VGA cord with the monitor, but both ports in my tower are DVI


Alright if the Graphics card is working properly then you can just buy a VGA to DVI converter and it should work fine, and it's likely cheaper then having geek squad check it out, I'll see if I can find one that bestbuy sells they are usually pretty cheap to get. To be sure this is the problem though I need to know what graphics card did you get for the PC?

Rad Thunder

It's an NVIDIA GeForce GT 545


I think I found it.

If that's the GPU then it explains why your HDMI isn't working it's because the HDMI you see is actually an integrated GPU not the card on the bottom, the bios is likely set to use the card that has the DVI ports which is likely the card you want to use since integrated cards are not good.

Anyways I'm searching for a VGA to DVI converter I'll post it when I find it they should be pretty cheap.

Rad Thunder

So the problem is the card? Huh. Who would have thought?
Still didn't excuse Best Buy buzzing me around like that though...  :l


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The cards fine you just need a converter cable for it to pick up on the monitor, since the card you need to use has no HDMI port.

Rad Thunder

I have an HDMI, just no VGA. And I looked myself and found an adapter for 5 bucks. I can pick it up on my lunch break tomorrow.
Anyway, thanks for your help Trege! ^-^


Glad to be of help, just make sure it's the right type of adapter, I'd take a picture of mine but it's connected to my PC currently.   ^-^
(You should be able to return it anyways if it's the wrong type.)

Lord of Madness

Take note Alien wear has horrible customer support and most of what your paying for is actually for the detail on the tower and not what goes inside. A website for gaming computers gave it only a rating of 7.2 out of 10 as almost 98% of all computers there get a rating of 8.5 or higher


ok since the problem is most likely fixed im going to lock this, if problems keep happening ill unlock this on request
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Actually just going to add one last thing. Some monitors require you to manually to switch to HDMI if your monitor now supports it. Just a heads up  :]

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