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Started by Firey, 2012 Sep 05, 04:06:21

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2012 Sep 05, 04:06:21 Last Edit: 2012 Sep 05, 04:10:34 by Firey
There are lotsa careers, more careers, more choices.
Law, medicine, business/economics, politics, science, media production, journalism, engineering, etc.
and then part-time McDonald's or Burger King.

My older brother works for McDonald's and some kebab shop.
My oldest brother studies law.
My dad works as a lawyer and my mom works as a JP in law (Justice in Peace).
I plan on studying law and becoming a lawyer *squee* about you ponies?
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Giggle Tail

My parents are both lawyers (though my mom only works part-time as one now, she also creates jewelry)

My older sister is an occupational therapist.  Apparently having a high-functioning autistic brother inspired her career choice :)

Right now my only job is making my comic strip for the school paper, though I'm already working on my career as a children's fiction author.
Will write lighthearted, random comedy stories for fun.

Giggle's OCs

Stitchin Time

I have a full-time job.

I co-parent.


I am a full time Retail Department Manager and Meat Cutter.  I am also a CAO Analyst and am getting trained in BDR Receiving(apparently only one other pony there has the required licence to operate the motorized jacks, I need it to move turkeys).


What do I do for a career? Go to school, But I'm learning a lot about computers so I can become an MMO programmer.  X3 I do a part time job as a ninja though.

Lord of Madness

I am an HVAC technician, In about 15 years Ill boost all the way to master technician. Ill be certified to work on space equipment :3


Quote from: SapphirePony on 2012 Sep 05, 22:23:50
I'm learning a lot about computers so I can become an MMO programmer.

I regret not getting more into that in school, now that I know how awesome programming is.  Too bad i'm in too deep in my current career or i'd go through college for that right now :)


Full time student. I'll be applying for a job after exams are done. Unfortunately the places I do want to work I'm so short I can't reach the counters. (like Jay Jays, for those of you who are Australian.)
Anyways, I'm hoping to go into law after I finish school and uni.

Travius Trott

Well, I've never quite had any real job till now, which is now only a starting at the grand watch-making education.

Who thought that watches and clocks were not handmade and properly mechanical anymore, I da ask you all.

Oh, it would appear that I got some fancy title, Notable pony, now that's something that I had not expected to gain.
Thanks everypony, for this most brilliant thing.

Book Smarts

Go for Liberal Arts at the moment  :3


Professional Procrastinater 
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I'm planning to study Biochemistry and get a PhD  X3


I work full time as a Finance Manager for the National Health Service


Rad Thunder

I'm an Accountant at my mom's office. Boring, but the only thing I know how to do. :P
I also rang bells for the Salvation Army last Christmas. And if schedule dictates, I wanna do it again.


I'm not sure what kind of career I want yet. I originally wanted a Computer Technician Career but I might focus on computer networking instead as the need for technicians is on the decline for various reasons. I do love fixing computers though and maintaining routers and networks I used to enjoy learning how to program but I don't seem to have the will to learn about programming applications and games anymore.

Whenever we had crappy dial up I constantly tweaked my PC settings and the way it handled networks to get the most out of it, since at the time I liked playing a few online games that were a bit action oriented and adjusting MTU and Nagle's algorithm and various other settings sometimes helped depending on the games design and if it used UDP or TCP/IP.


2012 Sep 08, 23:03:10 #15 Last Edit: 2012 Sep 08, 23:06:24 by Parasprite
My mom works as a stay-at-home wife. She use to work in retail
My dad works as a public accountant. But not just any accountant, a CERTIFIED public accountant.
My big brother is working in some union or I dunno. I forgot.  X3

I'm hoping to go to collage and study politics.  ^-^

Sonic Heart

Not 100 % sure, but probably a psychologist, or a social worker. Anything that let me help pepole in the only way i know and can do, talking, hearing and understanding.
I'm still young tho enough i guess, so if i ever want to study/work on something else, it's not too late.

Soft Fang

I work in a automotive factory. Right now, i put the panels and the switches to the armrest together to Honda Element's then pass them off to the people that put them into the door itself.
Boring, but it get the bills paid.


Im a DJ. And... thats about it, nothing too special about that :P
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I'm a Sales Assistant, stacking shelves, operating a till, merchandising and best of all, catching shoplifters! I love to see them wet themselves cause they've been caught haha! Id like to save up and have my own rescue kennels for Japanese Shiba Inu's (they are dogs, google it and squee!) I have adopted one myself and love him, such a good doggy and so cute.

Anyways, Im rambling now haha  ovO
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