Oppan Pinkie Style

Started by KillerJH2, 2012 Aug 24, 13:09:52

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2012 Aug 24, 13:09:52 Last Edit: 2014 Jun 01, 19:27:50 by Electro-BLITZ
Gangnam Style but Pinkie Pie style.
It's just a little side project, having a bit of fun :P
Up until 1:30 is where I got to at the moment, I'll add more in later and re-upload for you guys.
If you like it that is.....

Actually forget sound cloud, I'm just going to give you guys a link to a YouTube video I put up.
It's not really a video, more of a picture.....
Anyway, here is:

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I spent that whole time listening to this watching your signature, over and over and over

it seems right, somehow

Nice work!


Bahahahaha so much win!!  >:O
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aww, and then you change your sig...lol


Quote from: LaptopCommandStation on 2012 Aug 25, 18:11:51
aww, and then you change your sig...lol

Yerp, orders from the boss :)

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