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Stitchin Time

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I think this is my third time making it. *Sigh* :c

Name: Skyler

Gender: Mare

Age: 25,000

Species: Shadowlurker (See "Bio")

Personality: A bit random,  mentally unstable but hides it for the most part, vicious at times, cannot stand to see other cry but does into depression herself every so often

Physique: Tall, but very weak looking
Accessory: A green scarf

Striking features: Wings 3x the size of a normal pegasus, a butterfly scar on her chest, emerald eyes

Cutie mark: A square cut ruby

Cutie mark meaning: She can harness the magic inside of crystals and turn them into deadly weapons should anypony threaten her friends

Cutie mark story: It is always the same, from protecting those she loves

Bio: Skyler was born in a land who's name is as lost in time as its remains. She lived there with her sister Astor, then named Charlotte, among their fellow shadowlurkers. Shadowlurkers are shape-shifters, to an extent. They normally stay in a normal pony body of a pegasus like Skyler, earth pony like Charlotte "Astor", or a unicorn. They could transform into an alicorn and demon, as well. But their raw, natural form was a winged snake made of shadows. They most remarkable, and arguably most pitiful, feature of the shadowlurker is their ability of rebirth with full memories. This means that many shadowlurkers are very intelligent, but often mentally unstable.

Back to Skyler, she was the average shadowlurker, doing her work well and minding herself. Charlotte, on the other hoof, was the opposite of her twin. Charlotte was loud, rude, and refused working. It hurt Skyler to see her sister when she was punished for her actions. One day Charlotte snapped, and ran away. Skyler was blamed for her escape, and was terribly hurt. She ran away soon after discovering they had left a butterfly scar on her chest.

Her reunion with Charlotte was not happy, though, as a hellhound was running towards the shadowlurker village. As much as they despised the village, it was their home. The hellhound had already killed many when they arrived, but they knew they had a chance to save the rest. Charlotte had found a sword under a lake, which she drew out with her magic. She managed to attack the hellhound several times before it lashed at her face. Skyler, horrified by her sister's bleeding face, went into a rage of sorts. A ruby shot from the ground, and more followed. She passed out just as the hellhound did.

When she awoke, she learned Charlotte was blind. She was mortified, but also learned that the town was saved, and that the twins earned their cutie marks. Skyler's sister explained that the sword that was in the lake was actually the sword of Astor, and that she would wished to be called that, Astor.

Skyler's rebirths and deaths took a toll on her, mentally, but she stood strong. After some time, she met Princess Luna of Equestria. The two grew close, and Luna "adopted" Skyler in a sense, and it's best not to speak ill of Luna in front of Skyler.

Skyler now lives with Pyro the unicorn and Parchemin the pegasus in Ponyville.

Likes: Muffins, the moon, her friends

Dislikes: Cupcakes, the sun, Celestia, Discord

Flaws: Sometimes forgets about personal space, sometimes gets into fights

Random tidbits: She is the element of protection in the Elements of  Life, and has a mental connection to her fellow elements, and her wolf. She also dreams of joining the Shadowbolts.

[Spoiler=Elements of Life]
Skyler- Protection
Astor- Freedom
Pyro- Hope
Stitchin' Time- Preservation
Dusty Winds- Inspiration
Parchemin- Forgiveness [/spoiler]

Gracie Sky

Can turn into an Alicorn and Demon? Does that make her a changling or shapeshifter? It makes me wonder why she seems to prefer to stay a Pegasus.

What what exactly is a demon in Equestria anyways?
Character Critique Thread

Have your OC fairly and honestly evaluated!

Stitchin Time

I have a sketch of her demon form. It's like Nightmare Moon, but her mane is magic made to look like blood. And she stays pegasus as she wants to be as normal as she can.


Very well made if you ask me. But why can she turn into the main substance of an unicorn's horn?  o_O

Stitchin Time

Alicorn= What Celestia and Luna is

Though you get points for that.


This has to be the best bio ever. I think your oc is pretty darn awesome. She can turn into a alicorn, Pegasus, and a demon. Pretty. awesome.
((Thanks everyone for the pictures ^-^))

Stitchin Time

Thanks guys! ^-^ I honestly think she's a little underdone. X3

Doesn't make sense? I made her in 2007.


awww so cute!  :')
Rub some bacon on it.

Stitchin Time

Thanks. ^-^

Skyler: *Hugs Luna* :3

Stitchin Time

Comeplete bio redo! :D

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