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Started by Little Judas, 2012 Aug 16, 20:12:51

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Quote from: Chromastone64 on 2014 Sep 21, 05:47:06
Quote from: Princess Button on 2014 Sep 17, 17:46:16

New baaaabyyyyy!

I had to show my brother that; he loves ferrets.

Who doesn't? ;)


Guys, I saw a fox. Now, that might not seem very exciting. But this fox not only got near my house, it crawled under my car. Foxes NEVER come near people, much less crawl under their cars. Up until that point, I had never seen a fox.
Wait for it...


I acquired a RELE nice metal lathe  :3 ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh. I don't think anypone here could relate but I'm some kinda happy! Machinist Pone  :D 

And I drove around in a power wheels... i'm 6'4"

Midnight Breeze

At this point I've pretty much lost all the extra flab I gained over the past 2 years. I peaked at 185 pounds 9 months ago, now I'm back down to 155.


*high fives Midnight Breeze*
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(go to the 4:00 mark for actual gamplay or watch the whole thing for character introductions [and a random frog  X3])
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Midnight Breeze

In a shocking display of basic customer service, EA's support team actually came through for me on the fraudulent charges I had yesterday. I submitted a "Call me" support ticket and literally within 10 seconds my phone rang. The operator was professional and got me through the refund process without any headache.

Congrats, EA, I've gained a sliver of respect for you.


Survived the 4 hour flight home...yey (scary turbulence at landing though ;~; )
The pain of hurts...

Little Star

Quote from: Firey on 2014 Sep 23, 07:23:57
Survived the 4 hour flight home...yey (scary turbulence at landing though ;~; )

Ever since the many flights to Baltimore I've been like yearning to fly again.
I'm jelly.

I'm feeling much better today, so I'll be returning to school!


Well, thanks to some sleeping tips from Dr.Induction and an amazing day with my 2 best friends yesterday I slept SOOO darn good...
I don't think I had such a fun day in AGES!!! X3


Crossing my fingers, i'll know by the end of the week if i'm going to accept a new job, one i'll actually enjoy doing!

It takes the aspects of my current job that I do like(Order and inventory management, merchandising etc), adds the flexibility to work at my own pace, 3 day weeks instead of 6(but 12-14 hour days typically), my phone is paid for, and it involves a TON of driving.

I also have the option of covering routes on holidays for extra money.  I don't want to get my hopes up, since idk yet what the pay would be hence why i'm waiting but if it's manageable it's a deal!!!


In my 3D design class, we're making chairs out of cardboard. Yes, chairs we can sit on.
I'm making myself a throne just for the heck of it.   =P
Wait for it...

Midnight Breeze

I hit 50 pushups! I'm getting better at this.

Itty Bit

9 more days till this one game I'm pretty excited for comes out ^-^


My computer science (I hope that is how you call it) teacher puts the presentations shown in class on Google Drive - it makes everything a lot easier.


Ok, so I heard a few months ago from someone on these forums that there was going to be an international translation of a game I really wanted to play that was exclusive to Japan. But I just thought it was going to be a re-release of it, and since it was on PSP, I didn't think it'd be worth getting. So, I guess I should just forget abou-

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Finished the front cover of my Humdrum comic today. Just one more step closer to finally getting this project rolling.
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Went to the movies with a friend and now I'm his League of Legends tutor. That makes 3 students and counting.

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Chishio Kunrin

This... this RWBY dance video. Goodness me. lol
So, in the newest episode of RWBY, there was a part where Team JNPR did a dance routine together, and a lot of fans have taken that clip and made videos where they put other songs to it. Monty decided to do his own version of that: different characters doing the dance routine.

The craziest part is the very last one, where...
Spoiler: The surprise is one of the best things about it. At least, for me it was. • show
he had monsters dance! lol

By the way, the dance moves have Monty Oum written all over them. And by that, I mean it's pretty obvious he put on the motion capture suit and recorded himself dancing to make the dance scene in the show.
He's awesome at animating amazingly-choreographed fight scenes, he's awesome at dancing, he's a pretty dang good artist. Is there anything this man can't do?!

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Dark Hooves

spending time with my sweetie, I love you XxAngel's_BreathxX  <3 <3 <3
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