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Started by Little Judas, 2012 Aug 16, 20:12:51

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Midnight Breeze

I'm on exodus in Lousiana right now and it's been short-sleeve weather all week. I looked up the weather for Wichita Falls and it looks like things are thawing out. Thank goodness, I was getting tired of having to wake up early in the morning and stand around outside in sub-zero temperatures for an hour. I like warm, hope it stays that way when I go back.

Sweet Brew

2017 Jan 14, 23:42:44 #7261 Last Edit: 2017 Jan 17, 19:12:43 by Sweet Brew
Yaaay, updating icons is fun.

Post Merge

One of my 3 packages finally arrived. :3

Princess Darcy

I finally got a joooooobbbbb

like a week ago...I was busy :v

Midnight Breeze

Yikes, my bank just gave me a massive, out-of-the-blue credit limit increase of more than 100% on my credit card. That's going to cause my credit utilization to plummet which will definitely boost my credit score. Hooray!

Sweet Brew

After about 2 weeks of Walmart customer support I finally got them to reinstate the order they derped up.
Now I just hope that they don't lose it in shipping again and that once it gets to FedEx that they don't derp things up.
(I originally thought FedEx was the problem but no)
But I have faith in them. :-3

Midnight Breeze

I significantly overpaid on income taxes in 2016, which means I'll probably get a mastodonic refund. As in $2000+ dollars, enough to pay off all my credit card debt.

Sweet Brew

My Dad's been here for two days visiting which is fun.
He bought us a internet repeater so we get a decent signal upstairs now.

As fun as it's all been though I'll look forward to having the time to see my friends again.
Tomorow he's leaving so we'll hang out a tad more then I'll be able to back to my regular psycho schedule and see friends and stuff.

T'was fun and enjoyable! ^-^

Midnight Breeze

I graduated from my basic electronics course and started my follow-on avionics training. My new school is sooo much better. The building is only 2 blocks away from my dorm, so I don't have to spend a dang hour every morning marching clear across the universe in sub-zero temperatures.. And don't get me started on that dead march we had to do to and from lunch...don't have to deal with that anymore.

I really lucked out with scheduling. I started classes as soon as I got here and moved between courses immediately. I haven't had to waste a single day on details like most people have too. Thank goodness, I want to get off this cancerous base ASAP. The drama is real.

Thunder Spin

2017 Feb 18, 05:39:44 #7268 Last Edit: 2017 Feb 26, 05:56:00 by Thundergirl
Finally got these adidas superstar! After one year of begging to buy them it finally happened!


New computer, so hopefully I'm gonna be a bit more active on here again. Need to get the creative juices flowing again.
At least in this break, I've managed to come up with quite a few more ideas for stories.
A self-proclaimed "jack-of-all-media-types". I tend to say "freaking" a lot.<br />My OCs:

Midnight Breeze

2017 Feb 21, 22:57:04 #7270 Last Edit: 2017 Feb 21, 23:55:54 by Midnight Breeze
Telling people I have rhinovirus and having them get super afraid because they think it's something serious.

It's like daring someone to drink a vial of dihydrogen monoxide.


In many ways, things are going great for me... too many to mention :3
The support of my friends here on the forums has been awesome... I love you all ^-^ <3

Alastor created the amazing banner of the Chat-O-Landians! 8)
Awesome avatar artwork created by Peace Keeper, you did a great job! ^-^
Hi, I'm Frost Burn, I like to help if I can! if you need me, I'm here :D


I'll tell you, nothing makes you feel safer than wearing a flak jacket. Best purchase ever.
If it's stupid but works, it isn't stupid
 Knights of Dawns, because we're pretty much dead

Midnight Breeze

I aced another exam, that makes 3. If I get one more 100% I'll get an award from the flight chief for academic excellence. I've got 3 exams left, I just need to ace one of them.

Sweet Brew

A very special package from my best friend arrived. :3


I ordered a new mic a few days ago. This morning I found out that the packer had put a small bag of gummy bears there too .<.

Winter is the best.

Sweet Brew

Daaang, this just is so addicting to watch!

This is making me smile like heck!

Stardust Dragon

Quote from: Sweet Brew on 2017 Mar 23, 07:55:27
Daaang, this just is so addicting to watch!

This is making me smile like heck!

This is why you don't let engineers get too close to musicians.  They fuse into one amalgamation of epicness so great the internet almost can't handle it.


Sweet Brew

Does crying from an awesome story count as a smile?
Because the ending to Breath of the Wild made me cry... like... a lot., but in the good way. lol

Midnight Breeze

2017 Mar 31, 23:54:58 #7279 Last Edit: 2017 Apr 01, 00:06:13 by Midnight Breeze
I'm very surprised that most the organic food and drug crowd isn't railing against synthetic meat. I thought for sure they'd fanatically oppose  it and try to get it banned just like they do with genetic engineering, vertical farming, artificial sweeteners, and vaccines. I guess they see the animal welfare benefits and lesser strain on farmland as a fair trade for less 'natural' food. Fine by me, if we in the science-based community can find common ground with them on something then I'll roll with it.

I really hope synthetic meat takes off, I'd gladly pay a premium for it out of principle.

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