I just learned what not to do in Rise of Nations

Started by Zygrograxgra, 2012 Aug 05, 19:56:18

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I'm on this really horrid laptop, and I was playing on the largest map possible, highest quality, max AI on normal.
Two hours.
Everywhere was cramped but me.
I decided to nuke it all. About 25 in total, actually. Half that at once.
The game didn't even end, the program just closed with no error or report or anything.

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That has never happened to me when I would play the game years ago. Especially when I decided to build 50 nuke silos and launch them all at once; spelling my initials out on the mini map and causing an Armageddon finish  lol

By the way, it was a multiplayer match, the other players weren't so happy at me  ovO

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