My Gaming Servers! (TF2 & GMOD) [UPDATED 3/18/2013]

Started by ~Durpy, 2012 Mar 19, 15:21:21

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Quote from: shadow10201 on 2013 Mar 03, 20:39:45
Quote from: ~Durpy on 2013 Jan 15, 21:00:32
Updated 1/15/13
-New IP Change.
-Server Location Changed to Chicago, IL.
-Fixed Lag Issues
-Added more muffins

Bugs found by me
-Increased lag for some, but less lag for many more
-Still requires more muffins to be at 110% muffintastic standards

Yea..the ddos on my server hoster.

Quote from: The Stars on 2013 Feb 01, 21:13:02
XD I pretty much lost all sniper skills and now I'm borrowing Tiger's Pyro skills :T Now I'm a pyro and find it a loooooota fun. XD

I'm full of so much hax as solly and I know it. lol

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How do I find the TF2 Server? DD:

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Nevermind I found it.


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Is the server not allowing sexual or foul language? If so then I'll be there. I just got gmod yesterday.

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