Davorabit Amare (A Changeling Herd)

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(I love rping as much as the next pegasister but plz do not rp here)
We are the changelings of Equestria! Banished by Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, we have returned to have our revenge wherever we can. With the Changeling Queen dead, a new queen must rise.
Here is the new queen -->
Spoiler: show

Nemora was Chrysalis's daughter and she's rather young for a queen. She is only a few years older than Twilight Sparkle so she'd be a little taller than her but nowhere near the size of her mother. Queen Namora's goal is to make the biggest herd she can so that she may overrun the lands of Equestria and defeat enemy herds.
At the moment, our herd has no clear enemies but they're bound to pop up as changelings aren't the most loved creatures in Equestria.
Herd courtesy Rules:
1. No gorey stuff
2. No swearing
3. Hate the character not the OOC.
Now let's move onto the lore and ranks!

History of Davarobit Amare

Davarobit Amare means to devour love and that is the main purpose of changelings. Legend tells us that changelings began in the dark days of Equestria, when there was no love or friendship. Instead of choosing to earn love, they decided to gain it through deception. Pegasi, unicorns, and earth ponies alike used a spell that transformed them into a hideous, shape shifting monster that let them take the form of ponies. Soon this kind of magic was outlawed and the changelings took to the wilderness and formed their own herd. Up until the Canterlot invasion, Changelings had laid low and devoured love discreetly without attracting too much attention. Now that Queen Chrysalis has perished, her daughter: Queen Nemora has taken charge. Follow her and she will make sure that you'll have more love to devour than imaginable...or so she promises. 


Queen (taken): As the queen, you command the hive of changelings and your word is law to your children. You are also considered to be the most powerful magic user in the group but anyone can challenge you in a magic duel to take your place. However, this is very rare and has only happened once in changeling history.

Deputies (1 taken): Their can only be two deputies in the herd and they act as the secondary commanders and advisers to the queen. Now the queen isn't constantly commanding her hive so the deputies do a lot of the busy work like organizing warriors for patrols and such. To become a deputy you must be recommended by an existing deputy then approved by the queen.

Warriors: Warriors are the middle of the ladder for changelings. They do all the defending of the hive and offensive war actions. They are very strong-hooved and have powerful destruction magic. They also mentor younger changelings who are interested in becoming warriors. You become a warrior once you have proven yourself by feeding off the love of another pony and have been approved by a deputy.

Casters: As a caster, you aren't as offensive as the warriors. Instead, you are responsible for studying changeling magic and improving it for the better such as improving shape shifting powers and cacoons. Most casters are better at changeling magic than most but aren't very strong-hooved like the warriors. They are also the best cocoon makers and shapeshifters, being able to shapeshift in the blink of an eye. Right now, the queen wants them to develop a better way to shape shift without your green eye color bleeding through. They also mentor hatchlings who are interested in becoming casters. To become a caster, you must be approved by at least one deputy and have fed off the love of at least one pony.

Hatchlings: Hatchlings are the youth of the hive as well as its future but are still expected to respect the higher up ranks. They train in the ways of magic and fighting.

Elders: Although the queen orders that elders be treated with respect, most the changelings talk behind their backs about how lazy and what a burden they are to the hive. However many elders own trademark secrets to casting changeling magic and sometimes train hatchlings.

Omegas: Omegas are simply hatchlings that grew up but never did anything. They are at the bottom of the pecking order in the changeling hive.

Allies: You can be an ally to our hive without actually being in our hive, you don't even have to be a changeling! As long as your respect our cause and will aid us in our mission (to take over Equestria and avenge Queen Chrysalis), you will be accepted as a beloved ally. To help our cause, our allies will mainly serve as spies in Cantermore or other parts of Equestria, gathering info on security and other things. Spies are essential to our hive since the security in Cantermore has risen since the previous invasion. The changelings of the hive are forbidden to treat allies as food and are told to treat them as...well, allies!

Rules of the Hive:
1. Obey the queen.
2. If the queen is not available then one or both deputies will take charge and they must be obeyed.
3. Anyone can challenge the queen however it is extremely rare and you usually have to fight through the deputies first. If you manage to fight all three, including the power of the queen, then you are announced new king/queen. If you are defeated then you are banished from the hive. (I don't want to see challenges right and left here guys. I'll probably arrange it with you for plot progression)
4. If you are found to be working for an enemy herd you will be banished.

- to make a changeling in game, just make your pony black with green eyes, and pretend they have holes in their hooves and scraggly horn atop their head :) Unless of course you are posing as another pony which is what you'll most likely look like when in public. Although you must always have changeling, green eyes.


Current 'host' if any(like who are you posing as now?):
Desired rank:

Below are signatures for the different ranks
Spoiler: show

Deputy (The symbol is an eye because they are ever vigilant)
Warrior (Symbol for strong hooves and stamina)
Spoiler: show

Caster (Symbol for their magic)
Spoiler: show

Hatchling (The symbol is a changeling hatchling...yeah)
Spoiler: show

Elder (the symbol is an infinity sign because they seem to live a very long time and their knowledge seems infinite)
Spoiler: show

Omega (The symbol is chains because omegas are a burden to the hive)
Spoiler: show

Queen: Nemora
Deputies: Chitin
Warriors: Moonshine
Casters: Scar Everfree
Allies: Twisted Charger (doomsword57)
          The Roleplayer's Guild
Regular Members/Undecided Rank: Swift, Changeling Pie

Also, we have a private RP set up for us here! --> http://forum.legendsofequestria.com/index.php?topic=10448.0

Join the changeling herd, or she'll devour your love!

Bon Bon

Name: Swift
Gender: Mare
Race: Unicorn
Picture: N/A
Current 'host' if any: N/A
Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the newborn moon? Or have you ever ask the grinning bobcat why he grins?

Spoiler: show


Join the changeling herd, or she'll devour your love!

cherry pie

Name changeling pie  Gender mare  Race earth pony   Picture: N/A    Current 'host' if any: N/A
Im a unicorn :P

Little Judas

I don't want to fuel the fires of war but this seems like a mockery of your ideals.
Thanks to Julius for my OC. (see the avatar)

Let it fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees, Give a home to the fleas, in my hair
A home for fleas, a hive for the buzzing bees, A nest for birds, there ain't no words
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 accepted but do u mean earth pony as in earth pony changeling?
And this herd was made before the NLR herd, it was actually made to be the enemy herd of the changeling hunters. So, I don't want to be enemies with the NLR since...well it would be hard to be on thier side and this one so the NLR will probably make up their own enemies  :P

Join the changeling herd, or she'll devour your love!

cherry pie

Im a unicorn :P


Join the changeling herd, or she'll devour your love!


I hate to double post but I just wanted to tell the few members I have that I updated the herd quite a bit. Plz add on your desired rank if you're a member already. Much appreciated!

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Name: Chitin
Gender: Stallian
Race: Pegasus
Picture/Description: (This is a drawing I made of Chitin two years ago to show a friend from school what he looked like after said friend got me into MLP. This was drawn before I began to understand Pony/Alicorn/Changeling anatomy though, so it's not really the best, but I am working on making a better one via editing an image from a Pony Creator.)

Current 'host' if any(like who are you posing as now?): Weaver, a red Pegasus with a white mane and tail with a crochet hook surrounded by a piece of yarn as his cutie mark. He's extremely friendly and very energetic.
Desired rank: Currently unknown, was very faithful to the late Queen Chrysalis, hopes to be a warrior.

Final note: "I served our Almighty Queen Chrysalis unconditionally to the very end... Now, in her memory, I, Chitin, shall serve our new Queen Nemora... *he drops to one hoof and bows his head* ...without question."



Thanks Herpy!

And your application has been accepted Chitin! I's SO glad you decided to join. If you want, I can make you a deputy  0:)

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I would be honored to become one of the Queen's deputies.


Then Queen Nemora dubs you one of her royal deputies.

Join the changeling herd, or she'll devour your love!


*Chitin bows* "I promise to do my best, my Queen."


Quick update! I added some info to the casters, gave signatures for all, and uploaded a NEW picture of Queen Nemora with a bit of description on her  :D

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Current 'host' if any(like who are you posing as now?):none
Desired rank: warrior


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"Welp, I might join....
That is, if your hive accepts changelings that are in love with a pony.
I mean I DO get a lot of love from her... Even though she knows what I am~ "


Skype: Catdog10900


sure thing. Btw, no need to rp here only if u want to  lol
Just fill out the application and we'll accept. I'm sure you're love thing will make plots exciting  ovO

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"My Queen, it would appear Equestria will be opening its doors next month for two days. If you have time, I would like to take this time to discuss a possible base of operations."

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