Fluttershy's Family

Started by Firefly, 2012 Jul 27, 11:46:33

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2012 Jul 27, 11:46:33 Last Edit: 2012 Aug 03, 10:18:29 by Firefly

I had this idea for some time in my mind now... forgot where I picked it up from  :s

It is something about Fluttershy's mom and dad being forbidden lovers, in a place away from Celestia's kingdom, during the time of Granny smith (except that her parents were younger XD)

I'm thinking of an introduction beginning with a discussion between two polictical authorities on the prevention of cross-breed mates due to a naive and insufficiently proven hypothesis that cross-breeds are the ones that carry high risks of carrying abnormalities that eventually lead into diseases and the formation of villians, which have both struck the area at disastrous rates recently. the discussion ends in an agreement to prevent and punish all cross-breeds, ultimately leading into a downgraded and 'separated' society. The earth ponies were considered the most inferior ones (NOTE that these are all made up, Earth ponies are geniunely cool and I just LOVE Applejack and Pinkie pie - their the base for all pony species:P ) as they relied on both pegasi and unicorns for their crops. The pegasi were middle class because of their flying abilities and the unicorns were of course the most superior,  with all of the parliament members of that race. power and society was kept this way because the unicorns favoured themselves the most, and only gave the pegasi middle class because a riot from them will prove more threatening than an earth pony riot.

Main Plot:

It was winter fluttershy's mother at flight camp when she crashed down into an earth pony's vegetable patch. she was found by an elderly earth pony who treats her with serious disrespect and assaults her, claiming that she was trying to steal her vegetables (each race only cared for themselves you see) . Afraid of the consequences  in case they were found out by the unicorn police, the other family members beat her up bad and dragged her into the woods where she'll not be found nor taken to questioning easily, although they could not move her far because of the snowstorm. There, the family's son, who was out looking for wood, came upon her and decided to ignore her at first. but he knew that if the pegasi died around this area the family (who were living nearby) would be in deep trouble and probably even accused for murder. he hauled her into a bear's cave, hoping that the bear would help get rid of her in a 'cleaner' manner. he leaves her there and hurries home in the snow.

------ the ideas stop here.

I'm yet to think of the following but the story of fluttershy's mom and dad will be sure to lead up to a state where they influence the decisions of the parliament.

^ that is, if I can press on to the last chapter ^   :P

:3 :3 YAY

dont' ask me why I chose Fluttershy, I've been obssessed with her lately :P I also chose her partly because of her character and hence her mother's assumed character. if her dad was a hardcore earth pony who could 'get rid' of others, fluttershy would need another softer parent for her apparent personality.
also fluttershy's mom's forgiving character must be in. if I chose rainbow dash's mom, once she's outta the bear cave (if she even survived it :P) she's gonna kick the family's behind and report the situation straight to the police.

then that'd be the end of the story   ovO

[move=6][/move]Thanks Skardan (signature) and Fudgemuffin (avatar) :D
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