Voice Acting Auditions #3

Started by Hirosashii, 2012 Jul 21, 19:11:44

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My male auditions for Legends of Equestria

This is my first time doing any voice work :) if I am able to find time before 12:00 I may be able to redo these, and add some more creativity. If There are any more voices you are looking for, I'll be more happy to put something together. -Frostwing  :3



My Male Auditions for Legends Of Equestria.This is my first time doing voice work.I hope you like them.


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-From fallout Equestria mod that is being developed. They actually liked my Applebloom and lil pip's mom better. I got the part though, i'll post a better audition later

my attempts at Twilightlicious:

Audition, kinda:

EDIT: I have done this before. This is not my first time at voice acting.


My first time voice acting, I have said stuff in my vid.
Hoping to get elderly man role :D



Well hello, after many nights of attempts to get the perfect voices I have achieved just that. Well :) I got certain sounds out of me that I didn't even think was possible, so that's a plus :D What a great experience... maybe i should post the link? Sounds like a good idea  :P

http://soundcloud.com/banff97/legends-of-equestia-audition ; X3


Here are a few different voice acts that I attempted for the game Legends of Equestria. 0:00 - 1:15 would be my Husky Male voice act, 1:16 - 1:56 would be my Brat Male voice act, and 1:57- 2:45 is my own custom Shy Male voice act :). I hope you all enjoy my auditions and good luck to everypony else ;)


Derpy Dash

This is my first time trying to audition.

Can do many more pitches and styles, but here are a few samples.


Was hard thinking of lines while trying to get it out in time but i made it just barely.

Enjoy  :)


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Here is my audition:

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