Legends of Equestria will be featured at these events during the summer

Started by SweBow, 2012 Jul 11, 22:17:30

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  • We also attending Galacon! We are official guest of honor during this convention and it will feature a whole lot of fun such panels, auctions, voice actors, games and to top it all of, an actual gala on Saturday! The event is located in the the beautiful city of Stuttgart,Germany. The dates for the convention is 11th to 12th of August.
    Legends of Equestria will have a panel show what we been doing in the background during the summer. Not only that, we will also hold an auction plus sell things at our table! This is to help collecting money for Bronies for Good. As in the past; Legends of Equestria have helped charity before with The Massive Smile Project's official video.
    Remember, you will be able to play our game at the Convention!

    Our people that are going: SweBow (PR & Business), SteveLynx (3D), Dandy Lion (2D), Pa Hsia (CA) and Antlershy (Programming).

  • Not only that, but in the end of September. We will visit the new and magnificent Canterlot Gardens in Strongsville, Ohio. The date you need to plan is 28th to 30th of September! It will feature guest as Tara Strong, Nicole Oliver, Andrew W.K. and many more. Canterlot Gardens will also feature a Gala and a DJ Pon3 party! We will also here have a panel where you have the possibilty to ask your questions directly to our team, updates who will be attending the panel will come later.

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the one in germany looks cool! Um...its galacon....that's what it's called right? anyways, will you record it for livestream...or not?

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I'm heading to Canterlot Gardens... is it just a show and tell or can we play a little of it?

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Fluttershy's "Yay" would suffice for my reaction to this.

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imma trotting about X3
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I'll be taking a bunch of pictures and video when allowed so you can feel like you were at Canterlot Gardens with me lol.


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