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Started by WolfsGhost, 2012 Jul 09, 12:47:10

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2012 Jul 09, 12:47:10 Last Edit: 2012 Jul 11, 01:30:17 by WolfsGhost
Due to the new rule 5A. This thread has been created to inform the community of an individual leaving for an extended amount of time. This is not a farewell thread, so if you're planning on permenantly leaving, tell those that you still want to be in contact with on Skype or through PM and leave.

The only time you should post here is if you're leaving for an extended amount of time. Do Not Post here to wish someone farewell because your post will be deleted and you will be warned.

- Wolfs Ghost
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2012 Oct 05, 23:00:44 #1 Last Edit: 2012 Oct 05, 23:02:29 by anonymous14z
I'll be dramatically reducing my participation here for around 1 month to 2 years. In short I'll be gone.

If you wish to contact me. Email to [email protected]
responses may be delayed up to 1 month, but I'll probably respond in 12 days.

Spoiler: show

Since I have accomplished the glitch documentation goal I set out for myself. I see no need for me to stick around anymore.

It is childishly satisfying being the first to do something so public, much like many's compulsion to be the first to post on an equestria daily post.

Dear (Insert being here)

At the termination of my activities here, I have learned that communication toward the purpose of knowledge acquisition is as  essential as acquiring knowledge via impersonal mean. In this case I was wasting my time finding stuff for people that was already known, asking them about what was known and unknown would have freed up my resources so that I could focus on finding stuff that was unknown. At least this knowledge would have saved me from mental exertion if I failed to find anything new.

All this is a reaffirmation of essentially the importance of information acquisition and it's relation planning. But includes people as sources of information, instead of internet sites.

Your (insert role)
(insert you)

Teal Turken

Tomorrow is Christmas eve and I will NOT be here! I will be out in another town to celebrate with my family and will be back on CHRISTMAS DAY!

Thanks for reading this notice and have a happy holiday! ^-^

As for today, I'm here by the way. x3

Teal Turken

Tomorrow is January 2nd and I will NOT be online until late in the day, I have no idea what time.

I've got a lot of catching up on school work to do. x3


Hello all! I will not be on for the following days...

January 18th and 19th

Reasons: For Friday, I will be preparing to go to a "Adventure Time-themed Game Night" at my school. And I won't have access to Wi-Fi there and whatnot.

Also, the 19th is my mom's birthday. Kinda rude if I spent the day on the PC instead of helping her have a wonderful day. So... yeah.


I'll be gone. Because of this I have Year 6 exams going up.
It'll last around 16th and 17th though, and when I'm back I should be on the 18th, I think, or 17th after last exam.
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I know I haven't been here long, but I ship out for Navy basic training on the 6th of February, and I won't be back til mid April. It's been fun and I look forward to seeing you all in a couple months  ^-^
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*and we all fall down*

Well hay there every pony~ yeah, I left for quite some time. It was due to schooling and a bit of memory loss. xD Long story short, I got sick for a long period of time. And I might end up that way again seeing as there has been a rather deadly flu virus outbreak where I am. ((it's a mutated version of the flu. Same symptoms, but slightly more fatal.)) However, other than that, I should be more active and able to post every now and then. However, as a slight precaution I'm also making this post to inform you that if my activity suddenly drops again, it's probably due to my memory problems as well as other ailments.

Great to see ya'll again.


[glow=pink,2,300]Ok, due to a business travel i'll be off for the rest of the month, that if everything goes alright. I'll be on as soon as i come back X3

That's all for now, my ponies ;)

Bye, bye ^-^[/glow]

Nala Valor

Because of 0% on an exam, I wasn't and I won't be there for a few months.


I have lice, won't be on for a few days :c

Teal Turken

Hey! So, anyone that missed me, I'm back! I was just taking a break from forum stuff for a while. I wanted to play games so much.


I'm leaving for the day, it's my baby cousins birthday party :D


I will be going on vacation for three weeks but I may come on here while I am gone. Unfortunately, I will be missing the open server weekend so I want to hear all about it when I return!

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I'll be gone for a few months because my studies and work had been driving me crazy so I might take a break using the computer.
I'll try to get in contact with my friends here as soon as possible as I come back  :(
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Dark Hooves

im going to be off for a few days while we get ready to move to florida, so I will be back on after me and my family get settled and get internet set up down there
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Makes me feel guilty saying this, and leaving my friends behind, but I won't be online for a while... >A< Been sick for the past few days... :x
I'll be back soon, I promise.
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I won't be around much for a while, due to work and everything. I had some issues at my job and I'm switching companies- so it kind of takes my full attention. I'll be back in a while when things settle down~ Much love, everypony!

Fluffy Cloud

2013 Aug 15, 14:21:06 #18 Last Edit: 2013 Sep 15, 17:28:21 by Fluffy Cloud
I'll be gone for a while. I need a break from the forums, since I want to catch up on other things (video games, art, collecting comics and manga, etc). Not sure when I'll be back.


Edit: Back!


I'll be gone for a week to attend a K-pop convention.

Bye-Bye, friends!  ^-^

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