PSA: Commissions and Free Art

Started by WolfsGhost, 2012 Jul 07, 05:09:38

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Good day every pony, and various of other creatures that we have traversing through this wonderful forum. We here at Legends of Equestria pride ourselves in our claim of this game being 100% free, and the last thing anyone wants is this project being shut down for legal issues. That is why you are currently reading this thread.

We have a lot of talented and aspiring artists who frequent these forums, we also have a lot of fellow Bronies who would like to have a commission of their own pony done by these artists. I'd like to first say that there isn't anything wrong with people paying money in order to have a commissioned pony for themselves, it is however wrong to go about doing it on these forums. The last thing any of us want is for Legends of Equestria to be shut down due to a legal dispute that could have been stopped before it even became an issue in the first place, and what that means is that... you shouldn't ask for commissioned art work on our forums, for multiple reasons of which I won't explain.

Many of the artists here have off-site profiles in which you can contact them to discuss your commission and payments, please do it that way. We will be deleting all commission requests, and money discussions should they take place on these forums.

Lastly, almost all (if not all...) of these artists do free art for everyone to begin with, and enjoy drawing as a pass time.

Summary: Do not discuss commissions and payment here on our forums, as it will be deleted and both parties will be warned.

Thank you for reading. You may return to your regularly scheduled browsing,

Wolfs Ghost
Legends of Equestria, Concept Writer and Moderator

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