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Started by BlackVortex, 2012 Jul 05, 14:34:35

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Just post pics/Descriptions of you best OC on a game. Any game. Could be your highest score or just whatever. Here are mine:
Dawneye-Warrior cats untold tails
Atlanta&Arrow-Feral Heart
I got some pics of them:

<-- That one was very hard to take.
So, what's your best character in any game?
I will be gone until the pony drought is over... so find me on Feral Heart if you want me :P

Crystal Chaos

Skyler in Fallout:New Vegas

Book Smarts

Ramza Final Fantasy Tactics
Fawkes-Fallout 3


Olivia Keter, a "Fragile-battlemage" (Glass-cannon)
Level 20, uses highly enhanced stormsword and high-level flame spell.
Computer died and lost my save before I got further,  but she was fun to play as because I was easily crippled from any attack, therefore I had to be 100% on guard all the time to have a chance of winning.


What? This totaly counts...   DD:

Iron Girella

MY death prophet in Dota 2, with all the items that give her Movement Speed, fastest DP evarr xD

a nice fan art found on google img xD]Dota2 Brony Community Steam[/URL]         

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Dr. Charles Fatman, Unreal Tournament 2004

I love dropping him in the pit in Gail...
Yes, I did do the skin myself, and I mod the hey out of UT '99, 2004, Starcraft(I can't call it Starcraft anymore it's that fargone).
I actually just finished a voicepack for Pinkie Pie for UT '99 and am working on 2004.  I'd love to develop(or try) a pony model for UT2004 if I can get the required software...
Pinkie Pie Best Pony  :D

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