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Lusterless Nova

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Spoiler: Lusterless Nova • show
Gender: Stallion

Species: Unicorn

Age: 22

Special talent: High level Summoning (Primary) and Illusion (Secondary) Magic.

Residence: Canterlot

Spoiler: Usual appearance, by Ethereal Nebula • show

Spoiler: Researcher/Treasure Hunter • show

Spoiler: Anthro by Ethereal Nebula • show

His Past: When he was young he lived in a unknown or maybe even hidden village. While he keeps most of his childhood private, he stated that he left home at the age of 15. Since then he has been travelling all over the world.
One day he found a abandoned bandit cave. They left some of their valuables there (Probably because of wild animals of guards that found them) and without thinking too much about it he took what he could and went to the closes city to sell them. It turned out that these valuables have been stolen just a few days ago, and he was imprisoned for this.
He didn't resist at all and waited for the moment he would meet the princess.
As they met, the princess saw already that he can't be one of the bandits, but asked him why he didn't resist at all.
I didn't do anything wrong, so i have no reason to run. Simple as that.
After hearing this the princess let him choose if he wanted to leave, or be a part of the Royal Forces.
Since then he has been a Member of the Royal Forces for special missions.

His Present:Nova still works for the royal forces, and his residence are the knights barracks in the castle of Canterlot..

Sister: Illumina Nova

Cutie Mark:
Spoiler: show

Likes: family, peace, treasure, meditate in the middle of the night

Dislikes: pointless Violence, large crowds,

Spoiler: Personality • show
He likes to help others and even protects caravans and other travelers when they have the same destination. At his best times he is just and protective. At his worst stubborn and Authoritarian.
He is often found diving into a book or spending hours working on a project. He puts in so much effort in learning something, that he lears even complex spells in a matter of a few hours. Although he trusts his own ears more then rumors he is a bit naive and will at least doubt rumors that he thinks are interesting.
While he tends to be booksmart as opposed to streetsmart, he also tends to be a tad socially awkward, but he still somehow manages to help his friends and family with their problems.
He cares very much for his friends and tends to hide his own problems when he knows that they would be worried because of it.

Favorite Food: Pancakes, Strawberries.

Favorite Season: Winter

Hobbies: Treasure hunting, Cooking.

Additional Info:
-Is Scared of Dragons because of something in his past.
-Keeps his past secret to people he doesn't trust.
-Feels Uneasy when he is complimented too much
-Prefers to be called Nova
-Is a good strategist and leader.
-Whenever his eyes start to shine he seems to get a power boost for some reason. Why or from where he gets it is not known... yet.
-He created a spell to control outbursts of mana. Burst Stream. It has a catch though and can make the user loose consciousness if used for too long. Even he can use it for only 2 minutes.
-He has a Book that provides him with the knowledge of everything in the past, present and future. But it's written in strange symbols and he can't completely read it. The name is written on the Cover: Knowledge. According to him he Summoned it but keeps Secret how. While it can provide him with all he needs to know, he can't completely read it since it has an own will.
It only gives nova the information he directly searches for and what he has to know for a good reason.

Summoning magic.
Nova is a master summoner, capable of summoning small helpful, but also big and powerful creatures. Whenever his abilities are not enough he calls for help with this ability.
He sacrificed some of his summoning powers to help a friend. Because of this he lost most of his summons.

[Spoiler=Low Summoning]   
Spoiler: Ghost Hawk • show
His signature summon is his hawk. It has a range limit depending on the mana that nova uses.
In addition: Nova can see through the eyes of the hawk and hear what it hears. He can also talk through it by sending his voice to it.
It's only way of attacking is by dropping on a target and using it's claws. It can only cause some scratches and is only useful for slowing down a target.

Spoiler: Ghost Mole • show
A helpful mole that is able to dig large tunnels within a few moments. Thanks to this summon, Nova is able to explore the depths of earth with ease thanks to this summon.[/Spoiler]

[Spoiler=Mid Summon]
[Spoiler=Ghost Wolf]A big wolf that Nova uses to ride, or to pull a carriage.[/Spoiler]
[Spoiler=Ghost Armadillo]The armadillo curls into a ball and slams targets with high speed by rolling and accelerating[/Spoiler]
[Spoiler=Ghost Anaconda]A large snake that is able to restrain almost any target.[/Spoiler]
Spoiler: High summoning • show
His high level Summons are his most powerful ones. They need some time, a specific chant and a big amount of mana to be summoned. Unlike usual spiritual summons, these summons look and are real.

These high summons are:
A Phoenix, Golem, Fairy and a Mermaid.
Each of them has it's own powers, strengths and weaknesses.

Spoiler: Illusions • show
His Illusion magic is advanced. Instead of just changing light and shapes, he links himself to the soul of his target. This allows him to ignore most (but not all) protections from magic and even affect dreams.
They are sorted in categories. Fright, Distortion and Harmony

Nova shows scary hallucinations. However. Since he can't guess what you are afraid of he will show you things that usually scare anypony. Fire around you, insects crawling all over you and other bizarre things.

This illusions are used to change the environment to distract and confuse a target. He changes colors and shapes. This can result in areal changes or jamming of coordination.

Harmony spells are used to calm down a target. If nova is using harmony illusions he can draw forth good memories and things they like.

Spoiler: Soul element • show
Spoiler: show

Nova is the keeper of one of the 7 soul elements: Anger, Courage, Love, Hope, Desire, Joy, and Sadness.
By calling his element a armor and helmet appear. He calls it by saying: My power is Desire.
Using his element unlocks "Offensive Light", and "Binding star" magic for him.

Spoiler: Lloyd Heart • show
Gender: Stallion

Species: Unicorn

Age: ??

Special talent: By combining his magic with his keyblade he can enter another creature's heart.

Spoiler: show

His Past: : Before he became a nopony, Dolly Heart lived in a village similar to ponyville. Together with friends he lived his everyday life in peace, even though he was a blank flank his whole life.
One day the heartless attacked his world. The attack couldn't be stopped and everything fell into the darkness.
As a heartless stole his heart he should just have faded away, but he refused this and turned himself into a nopony without knowing it. Thanks to this he became stronger, got his cutie mark and was chosen by his keyblade.
Since that day he tried to forget his past and called himself Lloyd. (a anagram of his old name)

His Present: He lives in the Whitetail Woods, in a old mansion that he found and fixed together with others.
A while ago he found his heart and was reunited with it. It took some time to get used to it but he managed to fuse with it completely. Since then he took his surname back, and since he now can use his heart's power, he became a true keyblade master.

Cutie Mark:
Spoiler: show

He is serious and has a strong will. 
Lloyd has a cold attitude and may seem like he doesn't care much for anything. Should the situation get dangerous though he will do whatever is in his power to solve the problem.

His battle skills are on a high level but he needs the keyblade to fight with his full potential.

Additional info:
Beside being a good fighter, he also knows a thing or two about Magic.
He is not used to be a leader and refuses to take this role. He rather takes orders then give some.
His cutie mark us usually covered by his hoody.
He prefers to fight with a limited strength instead of his full power.
Spoiler: Inhibitor Cloak • show
His Cloak limits the amount of energy he can use and weights somewhere around 40 kilo. Thanks to this he can fight longer then at full power.
Once he takes it off his energy makes him glow a bit and his mane becomes a bit darker. He can move at high speeds and use more attacks.
But with all things that are powerful it has a catch. Using his full power drains his stamina very quick. He has just enough time for some attacks before he becomes too exhausted.

Spoiler: show

His weapon is a keyblade. It possesses many useful abilities:
They keyblade can teleport into the users hands no matter where it is.
Has the power to lock and unlock any lock/barrier/seal.
Can cast magic when the user channels mana into it.

Spoiler: Magic • show

Even without his weapon he can use special magic. This includes fireballs, lightning bolds, healing magic and defensive wind spells.
He can also channel his magic through his hooves and unleash a barrage of small projectiles or create portals.

If he combines his magic with his keyblade he can create Seals, Barriers or power up his Keyblade for more striking power.

Spoiler: Summoning: Chocobo • show
A Big yellow bird that can carry 4 ponies. It may not be able to fly but is fast and can run over mountains at speeds around 70 M/pH

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Lusterless Nova

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Lusterless Nova

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-Updated Lusterless Nova and sorted the spell section to be easier to read.


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Can Rainstorm be an element? I'm thinking Courage? If taken, Joy? Or Hope?
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Lusterless Nova

I updated Dolly/Lloyd in various points. A lot of information was added and the attacks are better sorted. 

Quote from: Yellowpikmin476 on 2012 Dec 10, 15:17:43
Can Rainstorm be an element? I'm thinking Courage? If taken, Joy? Or Hope?
I've thought about this for a while. I have to prepare various things for this and this will take some time.


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I completely understand. After all, smart desicions take a while. I was just interested when I saw Teal with one, but actually, I ended up working on my own "elements". Their full idea isn't complete, but I'm working out a way to give him a "Rain" element now. I'm thinking there would be Water, Earth, Air, and Fire, with some subcategories for each, Rain being one for Water. But thanks for thinking!
EDIT: I'm thinking of a completely different set of elements. I'm not sure what it would be, but Rainstorm would get one known as "Beauty". Because he sees the "inner beauty" in everything that exists. I don't know what kind of element set would hold this, but I'm workin' on it!
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