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Started by Mr.Darkling, 2012 Jun 22, 22:46:23

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Steam analysis is a website that shows all the hours you've put into steam in tota,l and gives a little more detail to how many hours you've played each game to 1 decimal point.

My Stats:

Here's the link to the site:

Just type your steam ID in and share you stats  :)
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I don't play enough Tf2

Book Smarts

If only I had a gaming computer, this would be different 8D


Eh heh heh... Skyrim...  ovO

All of the unplayed games I have are from the Orange Box. I would've just bought Portal, but the Orange Box was the same price, so I figured I might as well get it, but I'm really not into shooters, so I never played most of the games in it.

At any rate, I (used to) play tons of non-Steam PC games, so this report is somewhat limited.
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