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Started by Legulus, 2012 Jun 21, 15:43:06

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I'm trying get a quick lets play video, but my recorder is lagging up the game  :'(


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34146! HIGH SCORE! :D
EDIT: YES, 44843!!

...I have too much time on my hooves.

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Quote from: Tiger on 2012 Jun 22, 20:18:35

  • Press T to pause and make the ball a colour easy to see against the background. (If it isn't already. I forgot what the default colour was.)

  • Focus everything on RD's hoof.

  • Press E. When you see something approaching her hoof, press E. Try and make the ball hit her hoof rather than her arm.

Oddly, I can still pay attention to a lot of things when looking at RD's hoof.

I did that. I still sucked. o_o I turned the ball purple and yellow, I stared at Dash's hoof, and I pressed E when I saw the ball get to her hoof.

Sometimes, I hit it to early, so she misses and gets hit in the face. Sometimes, I hit it, but it doesn't think I did.

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40508 after a couple of tries.  X3


My reaction to this is the same as RD's, to be honest.

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man this is addicting o_O
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I got a bit higher than you! ovO
Quote from: Tiger on 2012 Jun 22, 21:50:31
EDIT: YES, 44843!!

...I have too much time on my hooves.

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Quote from: Astral on 2012 Jun 23, 01:21:10
Spoiler: show

202,936.  :3

My high score was almost DOUBLED!  O:
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If only they cared. ovO

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Hmm, pretty fun little game, kills time

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