OTTD LoE Server (Transport Tycoon)

Started by Xeno Aura, 2012 Jun 21, 07:54:13

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Xeno Aura

2012 Jun 21, 07:54:13 Last Edit: 2012 Jun 21, 08:48:59 by Xeno Aura
Anyone here play OTTD?

Really good game, you should try it out sometime.

Basically manage a transport company, using planes, helicopters, buses, lorries(trucks), boats and trains to earn money by transporting a variety of goods, similar to games like Simutrans (but easier) and Industry Giant (But way better).

Supports up to 255 players on 1 server, and up to 15 companies on one server, hence you can have several people running 1 company, if you really wanted to. Companies can be password protected.

OTTD is an opensource remake of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, an old mid 90's game. It is available free of charge for Windows, Mac, Linux, and various unofficial ports. A currently working port is Android, which lets Android users play online with Windows, Mac, Linux & other Android users, however I don't believe chat is possible, and it's certainly easier to play on a PC.

I am running an OTTD server, which should be up (some of the time), I can't get a dedicated one, but this one should run for a few hours per day.

Server is hosted at:

Password is: legend

Port 3979 may need to be opened to connect.

Feel free to join and start up a company, I'll be here to help if you need anything.


1. Download the game for your system at

2. Install it, on Windows there should be an option to automatically download the free graphics and sound packs.

3. Boot the game, then go to multiplayer, then click add server and type ''.

4. Be sure to enter your player name into the provided box at the top right of the window.

5. Click on the LoE server that should have appeared, and click join game.

6. Type in the password 'legend', and create your company.

7. Play the game, you can post here if you are confused, or try chatting in-game, I might be around.

NOTE: Remember, that if you want to run your company solo, or privately, please password protect it, if you didn't set a password at first, do the following:

1. Join the server

2. Left click and hold on the icon of a man at the top of the screen and move your cursor over your company, then release the left mouse button.

3. Click on 'password' and specify your companies password. Now only you and anyone who knows the password will be able to control your company. I'm fairly sure multiple people can control the same company at once, so if you have a friend, you can let him be a co-player with you.

Please note that there are only 15 company slots available, and it isn't possible to add any more, unless the developers increase the limit in the future.


Well it's been awhile since I played it the last time.
Maybe I'll play it again soon.^^
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Xeno Aura

2012 Jun 21, 08:15:31 #2 Last Edit: 2012 Jun 21, 10:54:58 by Xeno Aura
To be honest I've never played OTTD publicly.

I've played on 4/5 player LAN servers and on my own a lot... Probably played over 100 hours of OTTD alone, not mentioning the countless times I played the original TTD on my own and on 2 player with my brother when we were young. (Yes the original TTD only supported 1 or 2 players)

EDIT: Server will be down until 11PM GMT, due to the fact I messed something up. :D

Book Smarts

Looks interesting, I'll have to try it at one point 

Xeno Aura

Server is back online for a couple of hours. Hopefully.

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