TF2 campaign?

Started by Deviant, 2012 Jun 20, 09:40:50

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2012 Jun 20, 09:40:50 Last Edit: 2012 Jun 20, 09:45:07 by Deviant
As some of you may have already noticed, yesterday there was a rather weird update...
A few items have been added, including the: Cheese wheel, The banana peel, The gold fish, The damaged capacitor, the Barn door plank, the pocket lint and last but not least the secret diary....

When i saw these items pop up i was, surprised to say the least, i got curious and went from site to site for information.
The info that i got was that valve was working on a campaign mode and a arena mode.
Now the arena mode already exists, altough it's not made by valve. (the map is alot of fun, go to google and search for it... now....right now...)
Ok you lazy fart, here's the link ; You win this time...
I also heard that Telltale games and Valve are working on a campaign, every class has it's own lil' campaign and the items have something to do with the campaings...

Now none of this is official and i'm sure there isn't going to be a TF2 campaign but still...

What would you guys think of a TF2 campaign mode?


If there's a jolly good story about pyro I'll be more than happy for it.
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A sniper campaign would be epic :3

I would also want to see a hilarious heavy campaign aswell :D


wait, theres only 7 items and 9 classes maybe some classes have a join campaign like medic and heavy or maybe they havn't released them yet

also a secret diary?, gee i wonder who that belongs too  :l


Did you know TF2 has a story?


Arena is the worst game mode; played only by tryhards and CoD nerds. What are you talking about?
Could've been something great. But ya' blew it... Ya' blew it.

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A tf2 campaign would be pretty awesome.
Also, rumor has it that valve is working on a tf2 horde mode called "mann vs. machine".
Here's some more info:

Don't know if it's true or not, but it's pretty exciting stuff if you ask me.

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Valve should release a TF 2 workshop where people can find wall sprays and custom skins, I would so start playing if they would do this  :3


Quote from: The_Unknown on 2012 Jun 20, 14:56:41
Also, rumor has it that valve is working on a tf2 horde mode called "mann vs. machine".
reminds me of the commnuity i was at before this one. The "leader" is making a robot gamemode

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