FF2 and FF4 world maps

Started by Dr. Krest, 2012 Jun 18, 00:44:34

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Dr. Krest

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Kain Highwind of FF4 is said to be the son of a Richard Highwind, though he also says his father was the leader of the Baron Dragoons.

Richard Highwind in FF2 has a son named Kain.

Mysidia, the city of mages, AND the Tower of Mysidia are in both games. However, in FF4 the Tower is a part of the town itself. The two world maps also show Mysidia in a different geographical center. In FF4 it's said that Mysidia had already been around for hundreds of years and seeing as it still stands at the end of After Years, it could exist for hundreds more, possibly thousands.

Yet if FF2 and FF4 happen one generation separate from each other, how did Mysidia's location change so drastically so fast? My only theory is that FF2 happens a LONG time before FF4, that Mysidia changes its location to be centered around the tower, and that a Baron Dragoon named Richard knows of the old tale of FF2 and in the spirit of things names his son Kain.

What do you ponies think?




However, the loop hole in this is that the Tower is surrounded by water. I mean, an axis shift wouldn't create a continental shift like this would it? So does that mean a HUGE land-changing event happened between the two games?

(If you turn the FF2 map counter-clockwise, you can see a similarity in locations btw. A different comparison if you flip the corners of Deist and Elban with Mysidia's and Fabul's surroundings being similar.))


All the Final Fantasies are connected in some way. We just don't know how.Or am I thinking Zelda?

Also, this isn't the only World Map Conspiracy going around.

No Orre because the anime didn't go near that place... yet.
Could've been something great. But ya' blew it... Ya' blew it.

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Dr. Krest

Actually the Pokemon locations ARE based on Japan, the creator said so himself. Except for the Unova region which is based on the New York City metropolitan area.


Well I don't hound Pokemon for it's story. I didn't know that.
Could've been something great. But ya' blew it... Ya' blew it.

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