Battle bear royale

Started by Nala Valor, 2012 Jun 18, 14:33:32

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Nala Valor

((for those who don't know what it is))
It's a third person shooter involving bears shooting themselves with strange weapon.
A game on iPod4/iPhone4/iPad/android

There is 7 class in total=
soldier (Oliver)=have simple weapon like a machine gun and a bearzooka ((a bazooka that had no munitions left so he took huggable legs to shoot)) the machine gun can be replaced by a water gun witch is fun to see in action except when you are the target.

Heavy (Rigs)=have a machine gun that shoot bees or zombie meat and a cannon that shoot exploding bees.

Huggable (huggable)=the melee class that have rainbow abbilities such as a spin attack and a rainbow lazer. He will hug you with his cactus or chainsaw arms.

demolition (Tillman)= a robotic panda that shoot explosive. His stingiest weapon is the peace maker. A big fire cracker that goes directly on you!

Sniper (Astoria)= the only girl in the whole gang. She have a sniper as a main weapon and for tactical uses, a falcon that will annoy you when she trow it at you.

Scout (will)= as a primary weapon, he have a powerful and fast shotgun. As for a secondary weapon, he have his hot pepper flavored baloney that make him spit fire for a few seconds.

Engineer (unknown for now)= this one is not yet complete.

If anyone of you play this game, please post your username here ((if you use gamefly))

Mine is "blble" and I often play as Astoria.

hyper drive [HD]

i dont know what it is ive heard it before though

Nala Valor

Quote from: hyper drive [HD] on 2012 Jun 18, 15:49:35
i dont know what it is ive heard it before though
Maybe you heard about there previous game ((that are 1-player but still kinda fun))
•battle bear Zombie
•battle bear -1
•battle bear 0 ((still in progress))

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