It's... Xonotic.

Started by AlDeezy, 2012 Jun 10, 12:43:05

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Xonotic (Zoh-nah-tick) is a Quake 1 derivative, based off of the Darkplaces engine.
It's fast paced, competitive, and boasts as good a community as our own! It's open source for all of you obscure OS users, so you can compile it yourself if necessary. The download comes with a 32 and 64 bit windows version, a mac version, and a linux version.
But best of all... IT'S FREE! (AYYYYYYY!)

I suggest you snag a copy, so I can be mercilessly fragged by more than just the regulars.

In terms of system requirements, here's a collective list of people who posted their specs and results.

See you on the field!


It's a "new" game, but I wonder why they took off Nexuiz Classic and had this instead.

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