pony song challange

Started by Ryo_D_Disk, 2012 Jun 06, 08:18:29

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See this is what happens when I work and nobody is there


Yea seriouly got bored


Awesome song Ryo! I wish my class was quiet enough I could do something like that xD
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Princess Darcy

nice one!

Seriously, I could have sang something at work too......but I was nearly falling asleep in the staff room....

Bumpity Bump eh

I did a thing



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Here's a revive yay.

I did a thing, and here is that thing.

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Princess Darcy

Princess Darcy


Quote from: LaptopBrony on 2015 Jun 14, 10:09:50
felt like recording this again, meh

I like that you do both voices. XD Must take so much time to put together.... Great job~!
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