Minecraft: Glorius feats

Started by Zaner-Boy, 2012 May 27, 02:54:14

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Book Smarts

If I do hardcore, I will just build a fort and never leave it because I would be risking everything.

Thunder Jet

One time. I was doing normal and exiting a cave. There were 2 things that scared me.

1. Zombies of groups of 5 would ALWAYS spawn on top of me.
2. Using headphones on a loud volume. A ghast spawned behind me and screamed.

Now imagine hardcore for me...


This is why you don't get too attached to a save file. Death is inevitable.

Thunder Jet


I'm not playing hardcore mode because I enjoy to build stuff.
And the Ender Dragon is sometimes hard enough on normal >.<
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Quote from: Book Smarts on 2012 May 28, 13:14:03
Whenever I try to go with creation mode, I just end up blowing up tnt everywhere and flying around  o_O

Same here lol
Don't know what to put here.
So I just am typing these words, not knowing what to type here.
Maybe later I'll figure out.
It's been TWO years and I've STILL haven't figured out what to type...

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