Gummy Cream! (and maybe some more OC in the future)

Started by GummyCream, 2013 Dec 14, 11:06:15

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aka Marie-Louise de Montmorency

Race : Unknown
Cutie Mark : Unknown
Age : 22 years old
Coat color: Limegreen
Mane color: Fuschia
Eye color: Lemon

Clothes : Plum cape + gray bow
She sometimes wears shoes when going far away from home.
Distinctive features : She has a strong French accent and always look jaded.
Personnality : Gummy Cream is mean with everypony, she acts like everything bores her and  just keep telling how much she hates happy people. The type of pony she hates the most might be clown ones, or those who want to be funny. Gummy Cream doesn't have that many friends, she's even in bad terms with her brother, but she likes it this way. Furthermore, her favorite way to tell ponies to stay away from her is to break into a song everyone knows and change the lyrics to something really spiteful.

Little back story : Nopony has ever seen her cutie mark as she always has her cloak on, but everyones guesses she has a meanie mark, or at least something that makes her hate people. Gummy Cream comes from Bourgponette, a little country town, and moved to Ponyville after she quarelled with her family saying that she didn't need them anymore. Her little brother sometimes drop by to see whether her sister is still alive, but unfortunately, she is. As she never took off her cape in front of anypony, Ponyville inhabitants think she may not be a Pegasus as the rest of her family.

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