Most awesome Sonic game you've ever played?

Started by Zygrograxgra, 2012 May 20, 20:54:34

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Sonic Advance 3 and Sonic and the Black Knight

As you can tell from my cutie mark, I basically love swords.
Sonic Advance 3 is one of my favorites because it's a classic, and the first I've ever played.
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Sonic Colors, or Sonic Adventure DX. I'm hoping they make SA3. The SA series was the best, with the glowy power-ups that give you more moves and stuff.
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How is it even possible this topic has been here since may last year and i've never posted in it, even as laptopcommandstation?

SA2 without a doubt.  I'm STILL looking for that game just so I can play it again.


Quote from: Caleocek on 2013 Feb 14, 16:17:42
Hm... Most awesome Sonic game I've ever played? Wait, let me think... Hmmmm...

Oh, who am I kidding, there should be only one possible answer! Sonic. Adventure. 2. Battle. Enough said. This is NOT up for debate, as far as I'm concerned, people. It IS after all, the only one I still go back to semi-regularly.

Now, if you asked me which one I hated the most of those I've played, I'd say Colors. Barely even went far past the start of that one. Maybe if all the Arcade levels were unlocked from the start, since every segment that isn't a 2D segment feels like it's only there to pad the length of the level in that game, as far as I'm concerned. Also didn't care much for the Wisps, myself.

Still not as annoying as getting the Chaos Emeralds in Heroes... Never did get more than two.
Yeah, I will agree to a few things on that post. I love SC, but I do agree that the wisps are dumb, there are DEFINITELY way to much 2D areas. Did you notice? NO 3D UNDERWATER PARTS! And the Gameland levels should be unlocked. I hate the 2D Parts. But it's practically 99% 2D. I'm just glad you can be Super Sonic. SS RULES! I hate only being able to on final bosses.
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