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Started by Chess Checker, Today at 00:01:37

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Chess Checker

Hello. I've been interested in this game for quite some time at this point. I love the progress that's been made with it thus far, and would love to see more.

However, I really, really have to say something about the control scheme. For me, at least, it leaves much to be desired, and is actively impeding my enjoyment of the game.

Legends of Equestria is far from the only MMORPG I've ever played, and nowhere near the first. There's a level of standardization in other games in the genre, for better or worse; such standardized games often get labled "WoW-clones", often due to one of the most successful MMORPGs on the planet popularizing the style. This has its positives and its negatives, but I would like to focus on the controls here, because for me, that's the most important thing.

Specifically, I'd like to address the keyboard movement and how it interacts with mouse controls. In most MMORPGs available right now, holding M1 will turn the camera independent of where the character itself is moving. Holding M2 will turn the character and the camera together, and subsequently change the turn left/right keys (A and D, respectively, assuming default WASD controls) into strafe left/right keys. This manner of movement is often useful in MMORPG combat, as turning with the keyboard is usually an easy way for a boss or otherwise particularly powerful mob to knock out your player character in some way, as you'll be too slow to get out of an attack's way in time.

In Legends of Equestria, holding M2 apparently does nothing worthwhile, and holding M1 to turn the camera is way slower than it reasonably should be. Movement is also apparently dependent on where the camera is facing, and holding M1 does not override a turn key and make it a strafe key.

This sort of gap in the control scheme is a bit of an issue for MMORPG veterans like myself. I want to like this game, really. But this one issue is breaking it for me.

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