The Everfree Rangers

Started by HoofQuake, 2012 May 12, 15:42:18

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The Everfree Rangers

We are The Everfree Rangers!
We are the Forest, and the Sky.
We are the Land and the Sea.
We are the Dusk and the Dawn.
We are Courageous and Free.

We are charged with aiding others in need. Be it a lost little filly, or a Stallion in over his head.
We do what is right, because we can and because we are strong enough to do it.
We treat one another with respect as equals, and aid one another in times of need.
We have no leader, for we are all leaders and guides for others. We are The Everfree Rangers.

Everfree Ranger Handbook:
A ranger Will...
-freely help others in need
-respect one another
-pass on knowledge
-honestly and quickly respond to dispatches
-aid one another
-Defend the Freedom of Equestria
A ranger will NOT...
-Sully the ranger name
-Leave others in dangerous situations
-Insult or harass others

-Dispatches are messages communicated between Rangers informing one another of other situations that require Ranger aid.
-Dispatches are not orders, but requests.
-A dispatch should only be issued if you yourself are unable to respond to the task. Remember: a Ranger is willing to halt their personal tasks to help others in need
-A dispatch should be entered into herd chat as such: Dispatch-(zone_name): Please assist "Player_name" with "Task_name".
-To respond to a dispatch, please respond in herd chat as such: Dispatch response-(zone_name): En route To assist "Player_name". ETA (estimate time until arrival) 5 minutes (for example)
-After a dispatch response is recieved, the original Dispatcher should Message the pony in need of help to inform them that an Everfree Ranger is on their way. They should relay the expected ammount of time until help arrives as well.
Sample dispatch
{Herd chat} Hoofquake: Dispatch-Ponyville: Please assist Derpy With finding Sugarcube Corner
{Herd chat} Someponyelse: Dispatch response-Ponyville: En route to assist Derpy. ETA 5 Minutes

To join the Everfree Rangers, Simply post your name, or forum handle, and your expected race here. I will add your name to the roster. If you later decide you would no longer like to be a part of the rangers, I can either remove your name, Or move you to honorary rangers.

Currently accepting any and all applicants into the Everfree rangers.
If there is a limit on the number of ponies per herd, the different races
will be split into three seperate branches of rangers. Sky, Earth, and
Ether. Further splits of the Branches will be split simply into divisions.
Sky Division One, Two, Three, Etc. Without certainty of the size limit
of herds in game however, the members will simply be sorted by their
expected race during gameplay. Perhaps you want to join but you find
that you simply lack an extra character to join a separate herd. For just
such cases, we have Honorary Rangers. These are members who aren't
Officially on the roster list, but are considered allies in making Equestria
A safer, and more hospitable place. Our allies do not stop there. Perhaps
You would like to ally yourself with the cause of the Everfree Rangers.
Simply post here and your herd will be added to our list of allies.

Earth Pony Rangers

Pegasus Rangers

Unicorn Rangers

Honorary Rangers

Allied Herds

Lusterless Nova

Lusterless Nova. Unicorn.
Reporting for duty.

Shaded Blue

Shaded Blue, an earth pony. I always have time to help others. Always.

Morgan Sententia

2012 May 31, 12:11:30 #3 Last Edit: 2012 Jun 05, 14:58:03 by Morgan Sententia
Morgan Sententia, Pegasus. And will like to serve and protect....

((I might change herds but is it wrong not to have multiple herds?))

It's alright i joined another herd.

Plumeria Paradise

2012 Jun 01, 22:35:46 #4 Last Edit: 2012 Jun 10, 22:44:31 by Plumeria Paradise
Can I save a spot for an OC that is in development?

Whistler, pegasus. Reporting!

Royale Blue

Velvet Blossom, I'm a unicorn willing to put anypony in need in front of anything I may be doing.


I would like to be an ally to your cause,if this herd is still working.


If this thing's still up, I'll join. :)

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