Legends of Equestria Changelog 21st October 2023 (v2023.04.01)

Started by Ellowee, 2023 Oct 21, 05:43:26

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  • Added nirik costume, available from Crypt Keeper in exchange of candies
  • Added kelpie costume, available from Crypt Keeper in exchange of candies
  • Added NPC's: Jinn Aquarius, Point Dexter
  • Added quests:
    • Invested Interest (from Wanda Percent)
    • Bolt of the Blue (from Wigglestitch)
    • Jinn's Juice (from Jinn Aquarius in the foal phase)
    • Batmare! (from Twilight Turner)
  • Added Dusthiel's main menu theme submission
  • Added a new soundtrack, "Dusk 'til Dawn", to Dusthiel's main menu submission
  • Added Science research tables to Cantermore and Crystal Kingdom Libraries
  • Added an offline mode toggle to the friend system to log out of it
  • Added an experimental settings option to improve the performance of Heartlands

  • It's Hallowtide! Including seasonal decoration changes, and pirate hat NPCs giving out candies once more
  • Enabled the seasonal quest "Costume of the Night", available from Ensemble
  • Disabled the seasonal quest "Anypony Got a Light"
  • Disabled the seasonal quest "Lighting the Lantern"

  • Mana Crystals now stack up to 32 instead of 8
  • Increased the stack size of all firework types from 40 to 128
  • Raised the Farming XP for flowers
  • Improved screen pointers sometimes not enabling or disabling according to newly started quests
  • Attempt to make the health regeneration and moment-of-damage feel more responsive
  • Changed the friend system to be on a account basis, rather than a character basis
  • Changed the emoji panel on mobile to be scrollable
  • Optimized the hotbar performance
  • Changed the way aliases are displayed in the /help command
  • Disabled the new earth pony movement in Bramble Woods

  • Fixed an issue with the Farewell dialog during the quest Rehearsal Roundup proceeding with a random, unintended dialog
  • Fixed an issue during "Removing Cookies and Browsing Data" showing the foal avatar for Cirrus during the first few dialogs  
  • Fixed dialogue for Nurse Coldhoof and Tonic
  • Fixed an issue with Maplesweet's quest "Dandelion Tamer" being repeatable
  • Fixed an issue with the quest "Picking up Pieces" being repeatable
  • Fixed the stamina drain when just hovering in flight
  • Fixed an issue where screen pointers would sometimes re-enable after a room switch
  • Fixed an issue where switching ponies would carry over the previous quest markers
  • Fixed server performance issues due to an issue with the recent quest system changes
  • Fixed an issue that may cause rooms to crash at random
  • Fixed an issue with some mobs where they may not attack on close range
  • Fixed an issue with some of the cockatrice in Heartlands not attacking the player
  • Fixed an issue with the Discord rich presence sometimes constantly throwing errors
  • Fixed an issue where the damage numbers were being affected by the animation
  • Fixed an issue with the gem bomb attack sound being hearable all across the map

Hotfix 2023.04.02:
  • Fixed an issue where attack animations may not play
  • Fixed the backhoof of the nirik hooves for mares being offset
  • Fixed the colouring previews for the nirik costume items
  • Fixed weird visual artifacts with the nirik mane
  • Fixed an issue with updating the inventory visually
  • Fixed the Heartlands optimization for mobile

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