Legends of Equestria Changelog 22nd August 2023 (v2023.03.02)

Started by Ellowee, 2023 Aug 22, 16:30:43

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    • Rebalanced Harmony stats
    • Introduced equipment integrity
    • All level 5 Harmonies now have a 90% success rate, and damage equipment on failure.
    • Damaged armour reduces its overall stats based on remaining integrity
    • Most Harmony 5 recipes now only require 16 gems, rather than 32
    • Reworked the effectiveness of some stats
    • Renamed "Resilience" stat to "Recoil"
    • Renamed "Fortitude" stat to "Reflex"
    • Unicorns now have a +20 base to Magic Casting and Magic Resist
    • Pegasi now have a +10 base to Dodge
    • Decreased ground pound's attack scaling from 175 to 100
    • Decreased bubble barrage's attack scaling from 175 to 100
    • Added skill scaling to Friends Forever's healing ability
    • Added a damage reduction for pets within the radius of Home Field Advantage
    • Decreased the slowness effect of Candy Shower properly based on upgrade
    • Fixed the attack scaling for Seismic Buck
    • Decreased the aggression range of Pegasus Rock Golems and Sand Golems

    • Corrected Dawnfire's size during the foal phase.
    • Fixed the phoenix chest plate that can drop from sandstone rocks being set up incorrectly, not teaching the recipe and having a wrong level requirement
    • Fixed Materia Infusion and Water Fill spots checking for the incorrect distance to the player
    • Players should no longer be able to conjure green apples from Science research
    • Jeweled Acorns now require Flux to craft

    • Fixed drop issues with the level 50 Lantern Monster and level 45 Naiad
    • Fixed an issue with the !roll pony command never landing on one of the people in-room
    • Fixed issues with multiple player-following clipping into each other during "Looking for a Great Time"
    • Fixed issue with the Horn Glow skill not working on old hardware
    • Fixed the issue that you could click chat through the global map
    • Fixed the inability to purchase the last upgrade of Farming's Full Bloomer skill
    • Fixed a few animation triggers for Corgis, Diamond Dogs and Dalmatian Diamond Dogs
    • Fixed skidding in movement being heavily framerate dependent
    • Fixed a bug where the standing animation would sometimes be triggered during jump
    • Fixed the fire zone collider in SCC causing pegasi that fly up to the roof below it to trigger it
    • Fixed an issue where pickupable items would ignore audio settings
    • Partially fixed the ability to stack onto other ponies again

    • Added Harmony 6
    • Added garnets to the list of possible Geode gems
    • Added Rainbow Ink as a Mining journal milestone
    • Added the ability to recolour for free near the rainbow waterfall in Cloudopolis
    • Added screen pointers, allowing you to show a pointer in the direction of your next quest objective
    • Added the ability to select a quest in the hook to show the pointer on. Newly started quests get selected automatically
    • Added new movement mechanics for earth ponies:
      • A dive, activated by pressing the descend hotkey mid-air
      • A charge jump, available for 1 second after landing a dive, with the jump boost increasing with the distance you dived
      • A dash, activated by pressing x
      • A double jump, activated by pressing space mid-air
    • Added a new skill for unicorns - Telekinesis, allowing for levitation of (currently only a few, selected) objects
    • Added a button to the settings menu to reset your input settings
    • Added a new Cloudopolis inspired main menu theme submission by Rusty Gear
    • Added a new Evershade Secluded inspired main menu submission by Roxy Hartmann
    • Added a shrug emote, both in chat and as actual emote
    • Added an sfx to the gem bomb attack

    • Reworked the character editor from a (mostly) technical background
    • Added the ability to enter hex colours into the reworked character editor
    • Reworked the pet menu from a technical background
    • Open quest objectives now display with a purple gem rather than white
    • Completed quest objectives now display without icon, rather than with a purple gem
    • Updated the minimap frame texture to look golden instead
    • Optimized the Auction House and SCC model performances in Ponydale
    • Optimized server performance a little
    • Improved puffable clouds for pegasi

    Hotfix 2023.03.03:
    • Fixed the (in)ability to delete characters
    • Fixed an issue where you'd get disconnected upon fainting

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