Get Ready for Legends of Equestria's Summer 2023 Release, Now Available!

Started by Ellowee, 2023 Jun 11, 19:20:10

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Hey again, everypony! We hope you're all having a fantastic year. We're about halfway through the calendar, now, which means it's about time for our second major update of the year! Version 2023.02.01 is now available for download, from our website, from the Windows launcher, and from your mobile app store!

Unsurprisingly, the full details of this release are available on our changelog post, but you can read below for a few highlights to look forward to!

First off, a quality-of-life improvement: you can now filter your bank slots by item name! This should help those of you with a particularly large stash find what you're looking for a little quicker.

In a similar vein, your quest log entries can now be grouped by objective location! This should help you work out what you have to do, and where you have to do it!

We've updated the desktop version of the chatbox to be in-line with the mobile version improvements, allowing for the same message copying functioning, and more!

In our ongoing mission to make big fights more epic, the Crystal Golem enemy can now fire a Bouncing Laser! Better keep yourself nimble to avoid its attack!

Unicorns now have a Horn Glow ability, to bring light to even the darkest places, where all other lights go out...

That's not everything, of course! The Festival of Lights seasonal event will be swinging into gear soon, and of course there's plenty of other changes listed on our changelog post, ranging from further quality-of-life improvements to new cosmetic items to general bug fixes. We hope that all of them make your time in Equestria more enjoyable, and we hope to see you there soon! Bye for now!

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