Legends of Equestria Changelog 12th June 2023 (V2023.02.01)

Started by Ellowee, 2023 May 31, 10:37:58

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  • Added info about resetting password to login failed message
  • Added model for weather pendants
  • Added item descriptions to items in shop (inspect item to view on mobile)
  • Artisans can now craft empty glasses from sandstone, and empty vials from quartz
  • Added horn glow effect while casting Magic skills
  • Added skill Horn Glow for unicorns
  • Added burning effect to fire breath
  • Added Screech skill for bats
  • Added Discord Strike skill for lantern monster
  • Player may now choose spot pet should sit at
  • Added Bouncing Laser skill for Crystal Golem
  • Added setting for minimap to point north
  • Added flight roll limit settings, fixed too big roll during flight in first pony mode
  • Added ability to group active quests in journal by location of their objectives

  • Improved the speed of banking multiple stacks of the same item
  • Bank slots may now be filtered by item name
  • Most items without upgrade slots may now be stacked in the bank
  • Recoloring items will now cost 1 Rainbow Ink instead of 10 bits
  • Added a Rainbow ink mining spot on the bottom of the waterfall in Cloudopolis
  • Items may now be freely recolored near the rainbow waterfall in Cloudopolis
  • Stored strike tile on hotbar will now display as active when it's toggled
  • Optimized drop reward popup display for better performance
  • Updated desktop chatbox menu for parity with mobile:
  • Increased the font size slightly for shop item cost on mobile
  • Players will now spawn farther away from portal
  • Bats are now scared of light
  • Cockatrices will not attack players wearing Chicken Suit, unless player attacks them
  • Settings menu on desktop now uses a two-column layout
  • Improved navmesh navigation logic
  • Improved pet movement speed if player is far away

  • Fixed issue causing server invoked dialogues to not be visible on mobile
  • Fixed filly and colt players not emitting step particles
  • Fixed bug causing some quests to not reward bank space
  • Fixed rocks not spawning
  • Fixed mismatched toggles on global map
  • Fixed Friends Forever effect rotation
  • Fixed some Bush skills not doing damage
  • Fixed Jeering Shout making mobs ignoring player
  • Fixed Pillow Barrage stun, added chance of stunning for it
  • Fixed some emotes for Mane 16 not being displayed properly on mobile

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