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Started by Satranova, 2020 Dec 31, 08:16:52

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Hello everypony!

I was a pegasister since 2012 to 2017. So many memories! I played this game before and I really want to give it a second chance, so Í'm on my way to download it and start a new adventure.

My native language is Hungarian, so my English is a bit bad, sorry.  DD:
I had a Deviantart account some years ago (xxDestinyRosexx) and had a whole story for my MLP universe. But since I'm not a big member of the fandom anymore, I only have my dearest OC, Odette Satranova the unicorn. (Looking forward to design her a now look! ^^ but I don't have any motivation  :l )

ANYWAY, I hope I'll still like this game and will have many many questions about it.
See ya in Equestria!

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Well, your English seems fine to me. :) Far better than some people I've seen for whom it was their first language, at least!


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