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Started by the_great_sephiroth, 2020 Nov 30, 18:31:24

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So I pop on and off throughout the week and rarely see any other players. If I do, it is groups of level 50 players. I also tend to notice that I tend to be segregated into my own instance of the world. If I use the drop-down I see five to seven players in the other one, and me all alone in the one I am in. Is there a reason for this? I'd kind of like to find somebody to play with once in a while. I'm east coast USA.


Just a follow-up. I started checking the instance drop-down under the minimap each time I zoned and I have found that, for whatever reason, I am always in a zone of my own while the other zone has 6+ people on it. I manually started switching and have met plenty of other ponies. I guess my account is in time-out or something, but I can fix it by manually switching instances, so it's all good.


I think that when we originally set up instancing, it was defaulted to load the player into the instance with a lower number of players so as not to overload one instance. However, now that's not such a problem and we should probably revisit that issue.



Yeah, I wasn't messing with that initially because I assumed that the instance with players was devs and I didn't want to bother the devs. Now I know better! Also, thanks for the winter update, I was wondering when it would hit!

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