The Legends of Equestria Fall Update Is Now Live (2020 Edition)!

Started by Ellowee, 2020 Oct 25, 11:18:36

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Hey there, everypony! Hallowtide is right around the corner, so it's about time for our irregularly-scheduled seasonal update, now available from our downloads page!

If you want a full list of the things that have changed in this update, you can check out our changelog - but here's a few highlights!

First off, of course, is the Hallowtide seasonal event! Ponies from around Equestria are celebrating this holiday, and sharing the bounty! Make sure you seek out these generous horses if you've got a sweet tooth, and maybe you can learn some more about the history of this occasion!

And, as usual, Ensemble is offering up a mission to create his spookiest masterpiece - but he's also updated his stocks with even more costumes to fright and delight!

Maybe the biggest addition this time around, though, is another new Talent, with a whole new system backing it! Unicorn ponies can now learn all about Science, so get ready to research creating potions, crystals, and other useful items! Please note that you're not able to choose this as your Talent Mark yet, however; that quest will be coming, though!

That's just a highlight reel; there's plenty more to discover and enjoy in Equestria, so we thank you all for your patience, and hope to see you there soon!

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This update is great! I laughed, I cried, I lost five pounds! I cannot recommend this update highly enough.
Come visit the Waterfall Cave in Cantermore! We've got books!


Finally, I can get a good night's sleep and be greeted with pleasant dreams. Thanks Hallowtide 2020 update!


Oh my! A windigo costume! Must have! And a striped chromatic scarf? I am intrigued! Alas, no Science for little pegasus foals? Ah, road apples. The particle updates intrigue me. Download is at 20%, one hour to go. At least my speed has increased to 5 x dialup. Will this Update find a use for Mystic Infusions? I hope the opals are opalescent! Or at least spotted. Payback Harmony? So many new things to see and try! Good thing I'm not in school and I have free time! 8^D Thank you Ellowee and her legions!


I have to say, I haven't played LoE in a while (I've been here since the LAR), and the experience for new players looks a lot more polished....

But I have to say I think something is wrong here. LoE never really worked super great with Hi-DPI monitors, and I have to say, that was probably fixed, because this bug seems to be a problem no matter what resolution I put the game into... The action bar seems to be a rather tiny 20-or-so pixel high thing I can barely see in the bottom left corner.

Could someone direct me to the place to report bugs again? I forgot what the website was called, and the game is seriously unplayable in this state. (Never mind, found it.)

A real shame, as everything looks great, and there's plenty for me to play with. (Like finally having the Pacify functionality I've been waiting for since forever!  :D )
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