Legends of Equestria Changelog 15 June 2020 (v.2020.03.01 – 2020.03.03)

Started by Ellowee, 2020 Jun 15, 08:17:39

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2020 Jun 15, 08:17:39 Last Edit: 2020 Jun 28, 22:47:41 by Cyan Spark Reason: Full changelog
  • Players on top of other players will no longer become stuck when the lower player disappears
  • Added various new skill icons
  • Added Mining Talent
  • Added Farming Talent
  • Fixed danger music playing indefinitely after an encounter
  • Crafting GUI now reflects the time bonus from the Production Line ability
  • Fixed momentum bug when transitioning directly from flying to landing
  • Flying upwards now drains energy quicker
  • Energy regeneration is now suspended when sprinting
  • Earth ponies now use less energy when sprinting
  • The Equip Item SFX now plays on a successful equip, not just an attempt
  • Fixed shop bug causing players to lose bought items on a full inventory
  • Hotbar is now resizable - click and drag on the rightmost button
  • Banking panel now initially scales to the player's display
  • Added missing collider to the blender in Sugarcane Corner
  • Added missing colliders to Applewood
  • Fixed keybinds not activating in Applewood
  • The Artisan skill page now displays milestones
  • Unpurchased skills can no longer be dragged from the journal
  • Expert skills are now labelled clearly
  • Added minimap to White Tail Park
  • The Iron Ridges are now labelled in The Frontier.
  • Fixed Heartlands orientation (South to Ponydale)
  • Minimap markers now display properly on first load
  • Almond, Lettuce, Strawberry, Grapes and Cherries have had their value raised slightly
  • Increased the value of Cocoa Beans
  • Klondike Hicks now exchanges ores for geodes.
  • Grassy Fields now sells some Farming seeds
  • Resonance now sells pickaxes and the Dowsing Crystal
  • Maplesweet now sells common flower seeds

Changes made in 2020.03.02:
  • Fixed infinite harvest bug with full inventory
  • Fixed Artisan journal listing of Titanium metalworking milestone
  • Farming spots will now take a few seconds to update, to reduce server load
  • Players must now have a dowsing crystal in their inventory to scan for ores
  • Coal now appears darker in the dowsing crystal scan
  • Spatial crystals now appear more blue in the dowsing crystal scan
  • Players should now start with level 1 talents after their first room switch
  • New characters should now start with a pre-populated hotbar again with their basic abilities and emotes

Changes made in 2020.03.03:
  • Farming abilities can now be purchased in the journal
  • Celery Stalk is now listed correctly as a plantable item in the journal
  • Fixed duplicate interaction menu options when harvesting flowers
  • Almond, cherry and mango trees no longer float once fully-grown
  • Added support for cancelling a mining action

Prince Jay

is their anyway to download updates without having to reinstall the game?

Prince Jay

Hey mods anyway you guys could somehow make an auto updater in the game settings or something getting kinda tired of having to reinstall it every time their is an update o.O


Ooho, these updates are sure a surprise! (But a welcome relief lol-mostly that indefinite music bug. While it was funny, it could be distressing I'd imagine)
I'm really excited to see what all these new talents are about and how they'll be played out! hope yall have a good day!


My version is updated but the game says ¨you need to update the game¨ but it is the most updated version, helpe meee


Quote from: XxD4rk0rbxX on 2020 Jun 22, 19:28:30My version is updated but the game says ¨you need to update the game¨ but it is the most updated version, helpe meee
When you load the game, does it say "Build v 2020.03.02" on the bottom right corner? If not you don't have the most current version
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tksss its working now!!!!!



I downloaded the new update but my computer will not run it, it downloaded as an .exe file and my laptop believes it could be malicious.

I use a 64bit Microsoft Surface Pro 2.


HELP:Someone would like to provide a github download link?

Mega is inaccessible to China. So even though LoE website is accessible, we are still not able to have a glimpse of its vast beauty.

A github link may help a lot of Chinese brony take part in the file-needed online game.

Thanks a lot !!!


Ooh cool but im very looking forward to the week end next mouth :]
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