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Species: Eastern Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Likes: organizing books, quiet solitude, gardening

Dislikes: unnatural change, obnoxious creatures, high-pitched noises

Breath Attack: a bright blue flame that scorches all it touches, has minor levels of radiation

Personality: A dragon who can appreciate a quiet hour alone, Goji prefers a night in to attending a large party. Putting little stock in superficial relationships with many ponies, he would rather have a close relationship with one or two creatures. Somewhat neurotic, he will stop to rearrange and organize something if her notices it is out of place or in disarray. Unlike others of his kind, he lacks a certain haughtiness inherent in Eastern Dragons.

Description: blue-black scales; pale blue underbelly; neon blue fur; orange eyes

Job: scribe/archivist and magic caster for Eq.U.I.S.

Home: has a special home underground in Cantermore (the main entrance is only accessible under the water)

Bio: Hailing from the Far East, Equestria was just one stop of many on his journey across the world. The first, and only, egg sired by an ancient dragon, Goji left his father in order to experience and understand other cultures. About a month after his arrival in Equestria, he met Nightstalker, a meeting that would ultimately lead to him co-founding Eq.U.I.S. Now a young teenager, he spends his time recording the activities of his division, though he one day hopes to leave with Night on her journey so that he may gain enough knowledge to one day surpass his legendary father.

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