The First 2020 Update For Legends of Equestria Is Live!

Started by Ellowee, 2020 Jan 04, 09:38:19

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Happy new... uh, decade, everypony! We hope you're all doing well and looking forward to another ten years of small-horse-related adventures - because there's no breaks on the LoE train!

Seriously, it's a real concern. We can't stop it. Please send help.

That's right, Legends of Equestria V2020.01.01 is now available from our downloads page!

We're kicking off 2020 right, with a few more features for you all to enjoy! Perhaps the most important - and one of the most requested features - is a more effective way to navigate. The minimap can now be enlarged to provide more information about the area, and help you find your way around!

On a similar note, we've also added markers to the map for important locations, such as banks or crafting stations; these - along with quest markers - can be toggled on or off to help make things clearer!

We've also got the very serious addition of improved motion physics, allowing for collision objects to travel atop other moving objects. It's all very useful and major, and should in no way be taken as an encouragement to create mobile pony towers.

And what update would be complete without a new cosmetic item? A Chromatic Scarf is now available to help keep you warm - and colourful - through the winter months.

If you want to see the full details of what's included in this update, as always, you can check the changelog. We really hope you enjoy these new features, and we can't wait to see you all in Equestria!


Can Download The Newest LoE 64 Client Whit Out Any Problems But Wen I Use My Zipp Program Too Unzip And Move The Files Too A Folder My Virus Scanner Keeps Removing And Quarantinedd Files Such As

Assambly-UnityScript.dll Remove Reputation Level Bad

Assambly-UnityScript.dll (WS.Reptation.1 Quarantined

Assambly-UnityScript-firstpass.dll Removed Reputation Level Bad

Assambly-UnityScript-firstpass.dll (WS.Reptation.1) Quarantined

Assenbly-CSharp.dll Removed Reputation Level Bad

Assenbly-CSharp.dll (WS.Reptation.1) Quarantined

I Can not Play Legends Of Equestria I dont know What too Do At This Point *Sad face*


I have a problem... So...  when I try to log in I wait at least 5 minutes and after, it tells me: Error: Failure: Could not get user... HELP PLS (i just downloaded the game, it's my first time)

Honey Bell

1) the game ain't a virus, its your scanner thats acting like it is, please look into the antivirus to see whats holding it back.

2) Make sure u first log into the forums as u made the post is suggest using the EXACT same username and password as on the forum, check if your firewall allows the game.
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Quantum Infinitely

I have a question. Is now available to got enchanted ice skates from naiad? I fight with them many hours and this item not droped :(


Hello, there's such a problem, I was playing this game for a long time and now I downloaded the version of this game again, I entered the RIGHT data also on the forum, I wait for it to load and issue "error: failure Could not det user" checked everything and the firewall and the Internet with administrator rights  started, does not work, nothing helps, what should I do? D:

marc timothy moses

can you add more maps as well as open the digsite?


Yay! I am absolutely happy that there is a more useful compass map! Though now that I look at the compass map in excessive detail, I noticed how empty and lonely every single place is. There is barely any icons on there and I am now wondering if there will ever be more usable locations or at least more icons for many locations even if they can not be used by players.

Maybe there could be a house icon for any houses with interiors in them! While notable locations such as the auction house in Ponydale could have a star or their very own customized icon!

This is just a very small idea that will most likely might require a whole lot of time and effort put into it, sorry if this sounds like a stupid idea to consider.
I also don't know.


May I suggest for you to add some exp events? You know, times in which enemies give more exp so we can level up fast.

Or maybe some exp boost items. that would be useful too :)


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Quote from: LPatamon on 2020 May 24, 05:47:57May I suggest for you to add some exp events? You know, times in which enemies give more exp so we can level up fast.

Or maybe some exp boost items. that would be useful too :)

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