Legends of Equestria Changelog 9th May 2019 (v. 2019.01.01)

Started by Ellowee, 2019 May 09, 12:14:39

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  • Fixed error in "Script Error" that prevented Salarymane from accepting the pencil. Quest is now completable.
  • Fixed error in Final Ink general script that leads to general dialogue comments.
  • Fixed issue so that Iridescent armor is now craftable.
  • Changed Stocking Stuffer dialogue to reflect living branches instead of twigs.
  • Updated intro dialogue for Resonance to eliminate quest cross problems.
  • Removed no-longer-used files for Linguine
  • Removed no-longer-used files for Tonic
  • Updated intro dialogue for Tonic.
  • Removed depreciated rubies from Corgis at the beet farm in the Heartlands.
  • Updated intro dialogue for Silver Tongue to eliminate quest cross problems.
  • Updated intro dialogue for Paper Trail to eliminate quest cross problems.
  • Updated intro dialogue for High Harvest to eliminate quest cross problems.
  • Updated into dialogue for Windy Seeds to eliminate quest cross problems.
  • Fixed issue with High Harvest and Windy Seeds not clearing Rehearsal Roundup objectives.
  • Updated into dialogue for Study Bug.
  • Fixed issues with Good Egg that prevented completion of quest.
  • Updated Old Quest Marker Fix with solution for leftover markers from Chlorophiliac.
  • Update Old Quest Marker Fix with solution for leftover marker from Fission Mailed.
  • Fixed repeatable issue with Simmer Down quest.
  • Fixed issue with Enki not taking sunflower seeds in Slippery Slope.
  • Fixed issue with quest marker remaining over Bando Buno after Enlightenment.
  • Fixed issue with Paper Trail of Destruction.
  • Put in fix for leftover quest marker from Anypony Got a Light
  • Put in fix for leftover quest marker from Straight and Narrow
  • Updated Straight and Narrow to check more thoroughly for completing the quest either way.
  • Added a fix for Bluebell not giving cardstock in "Costume of the Night."
  • Fixed script error for Fair Game in Rehearsal Roundup.
  • Fixed script error in Rehearsal Roundup preventing notification of all sheets handed out.
  • Fixed Please Mr. Postpony so that Air Mail takes back mail sack at end of quest.
  • Fixed Ancient Aviator quest so that he only gives you one lantern
  • Fixed Opal, Modern Curl, Wanda, and Messy Pigtails mane and tail styles to reduce velocity and extension.
  • Fixed most manes and tails velocity issue (removes most instances of jittery/vibrating manes and tails)
  • Added Cloudopolis Academy Interior
  • Fixed quest inventory so that quest items will now default to quest items.
  • Players can now move quest rewards from quest inventory to regular inventory in order to use them.
  • Added dialogue in Mindless Violins
  • Added Yellow version of Living Bush (will appear in the week after update)
  • Added Blue version of Hornet (will appear in the week after update)
  • Winter Warm Up quest re-enabled.
  • Apple prefab added as pickupable quest item.
  • Fixed (most) audio issues/waterfall noise when transitioning between maps
  • Increased scroll sensitivity for the Book and Bank GUIs
  • Loot chests now remain when not everything has been picked up.
  • Added quest "Helping Farmer Fields."
  • Added quest "Paper Trail of Love" sequel to Paper Trail of Destruction.


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<3  the new update but sometimes I can't see manes and tails. o.O And the winter music still plays.


Sorry if this is the wrong place to post it but I can't find any answers.

I have a friend doing the Winter Warm Up quest as part of the Animal team but i unable to complete it because the Naiads won't spawn at the quest markers. he's gone to all 3 markers but only two have spawned so he can't finish it and get his vest.

Any advice?

Noodle Script

Going back to Check List solved the problem for me. Of course, she will complain that you didn't solve the quest yet, but it will apparently reset the spawn points, but your success with fighting these creatures will also be reset. I think I had to do it twice. I'm not absolutely sure if that was what solved the problem, or if I tried going to the spots in a different order and that eventually solved the problem.

voilet basile

cmc applebloom

I can't see the spring flags. idk if its just me or if they are not supposed to be there :o  :/

Desert Tortoise 20

Could you please add Removing Cookies and Browsing Data to Old Quest Marker Fix. I talk to Flan, and she says the final dialogue, but the marker won't disappear.
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Can somepony help me because their is still snow in ponydale i'm afraid that i'm missing something plz I need help.

Honey Bell

you need to have grown up doing your talent mark quest and have done the winter warm up quest
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the game is developed with *REDACTED*, customization is horrible, quests are bugged, models are moving strangely, i found a game, sadly, worse than fortnite



my friend and i can't even log in to the game the launcher works and is updated but the game won't launch.


Quote from: FireShadow on 2019 Oct 11, 05:55:25my friend and i can't even log in to the game the launcher works and is updated but the game won't launch.
That's because the launcher does not currently work. The only useable method is to use the Direct Download for now.

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