The 2019 Spring Update Is Finally Here!

Started by Ellowee, 2019 May 09, 12:12:51

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Hey again, everypony! You might've noticed that spring is pretty late in coming to Equestria, as tends to be tradition around these parts; well, it's finally time to do something about! Our spring update, Version 2019.01.01, is now available from our downloads page.

This update brings the Winter Warm-Up event back to Ponydale! The town needs your help to clear up the snow and prepare the area for the new season ahead. If you want to help - and earn a nifty team vest for doing so - speak to Check List at the Town Hall! An important thing to note here is that, even if you have already completed this event last year, you can still participate again this year - it's all hooves on deck to get this snowfall shifted! Why not try to earn a different team jersey this year?

We've also added a new location, in the form of the Cloudopolis Academy interior! This means that each pony race now has a classroom implemented into the game, so you can expect more foal content to come down the pipeline in the future that utilizes this!

Of course, this update comes with a host of smaller fixes and improvements - new quests, audio issue fixes, quest inventory fixes, and more quest marker problems than you can shake a stick at! If you want to see the full list of additions, check out our changelog here!

There's still plenty more to come, with some big things in the works that we can't wait to show off to everypony! Until then, we hope you enjoy this update, and we'll see you in Equestria!

Noodle Script

Yay! Looking forward to the Winter Warm-Up event and the new quests! Also looking forward to see the new Academy interior. Maybe taking lessons in the classroom will help me not crashing into everything. Also looking forward to the new foal content. Good that I have one. I'm also happy that the launcher now works again.

White Pony

But I don't wanna clean up Winter.   D:

Noodle Script

I love the Cloudopolis Academy interior. The details. And the pictures and toys are so cute.

Oreo the CookieAnimator

Kinda not sure how to do the critter thing. I'm known to forget easily.... I don't remember what to do next!!!!!!


whenever i talk to endless pie for the weather quest, instead of saying his quest dialogue, he instead says his normal dialogue and tells me to leave. theres no options for the quest response and when i log out and back in the bug is still there :(

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