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Started by CookiesTTS, 2019 Feb 08, 17:03:56

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I've noticed that this games uses both Mouse and Keyboard, However, As I'm using a laptop, my cursor has a habit of Not moving when a button is held down, making moving and aiming a much more difficult task. I have tried to change hardware, but I went in a full circle with that, and am now back to square one

So, I've decided to ask about the Control scheme for the Game. Is there any possible way to change the controls to where the mouse isn't needed at all, or is that impossible?


Kick back and relax with an external keyboard and mouse. It's what I do with my laptop when I play any game or surf the web and Logitech trackball mice are awesome for not having to move a physical mouse around since the ball is at your fingertips. I really recommend the Logitech Trackman Marble for an external for its ease of use and comfort.
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Quote from: CookiesTTS on 2019 Feb 08, 17:03:56making moving and aiming a much more difficult task.

You can press tab to automatically target the mob closest to you. Pressing tab a few more times cycles between the mobs in front of you, in order of distance.

I believe pressing T while next to an NPC also automatically initiates dialogue. You'll still need to right click a merchant NPC for the shop option, though.

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