Winter Coldfire

Started by valex44568, 2019 Jan 16, 15:00:03

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I might have a problem with creating characters. Pls send help.

Winter Coldfire

Species: Unicorn

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Likes: Enchanting, magic theory, star gazing, baking

Dislikes: Spicy food, conjuring spells, hot headed students, cleaning up the alchemy lab after it gets used because apparently it's too hard to clean up after yourself, hedge mages

Special Talent: magic (specializing in magic theory, and constructs)

Personality: Kind and intelligent, she approaches her interests with a youthful enthusiasm. Helpful to a fault, traveling tends to take her longer than usual due to her habit of assisting those she meets along the way. Conversely, this has resulted in her gaining a wealth of knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. Despite her kind nature, she is not afraid to shed blood, and has found that the most permanent solutions to problematic enemies is incinerating them.

Description: white-blue coat; white-silver mane with pale pink and pale purple streaks; magenta eyes

Job: apprentice to Arch-mage Quantum Leap, also tutors the younger mages

Home: The College of Arcane Energies in the mountains of a faraway kingdom

Bio: The daughter of a prominent knight in a far off land, Winter lived a relatively peaceful childhood. Seeing that she had an affinity for magic, her parents enrolled her in the town's school for magic. Quickly surpassing anything the mages there could teach her, she decided to travel the open road in the hopes that she would come across more esoteric knowledge. Fortunately for her she met a student of the College of Arcane Energies before she could get into anything too dangerous.
   The next few years flew by as she studied ancient magics and honed her skill in enchanting. During her stay however, war broke out with the neighboring kingdom, and though the College itself was neutral, her father and mother were killed in the ensuing conflict. Not letting that deter her, she continued her studies, eventually reaching the rank of master by her 21st birthday. Still not satisfied, she became the one and only protégé of the College's Arch-Mage, Quantum Leap. Since then she has made leaps and bounds in the field of magic theory, and has begun the process of creating a ritual to tear space-time with her master. As part of the process, Quantum has ordered her to travel across the world in order to gather any artifacts that might aid them in her quest, resulting in her arriving in Equestria.

Description of Homeland: A land of mountains and valleys, it's said that the winters here are the reason why the warriors of the Aquilionus Empire are amongst the hardiest in the world. The furthest reaches of the North contain nothing but barren ice fields, glaciers, and unspeakable monsters. To the West, deep fjords border an icy sea. The south gives way to grassy plains, the center of all agriculture and the main source of conflict with their southern neighbor. The East is protected by impossibly high mountains, beyond which is a dessert of endless sandstorms.

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