How do I update the game?

Started by Oreocreme, 2019 Jan 01, 01:56:21

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When I tried to log into the game it kept saying I need to update the game, but i downloaded the Windows x64 one and windows to make sure i had it right but it still says it. So what do I do? DD:  :'(

Noodle Script

Hm, strange. It worked for me. Are you sure that you started the LoE version that was included in the zip file? It doesn't have a launcher.


Make sure that all your old game files are deleted from your computer. That includes the unzipped files and the zipped files. This happened to me once where I had downloaded the new version, but I still had the files for the old version on my computer, so it was using those instead.

Noodle Script

Yes, deleting the old files will make extra sure that it can't mistakenly use the old files, because they are deleted, and will instead "have to" use the new files.

On my computer, I have two versions and it works, as long as I make sure that I use the new executable. Maybe it's one of these strange things that sometimes work and sometimes don't.

However, as valex44568 said, it's safest to only have one version on your computer, so it cannot mistakenly take the wrong one.

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