2018 LoE Recap

Started by -Woona-, 2018 Dec 31, 11:21:28

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Greeting silly horses,

First of all, from the entire LoE Team, A happy New Year.

For this special occasion we have a little throwback at what has happened in game and behind the scenes, so here we go, and remember enjoy.

To start off our list we go to the favorite season of the year, Christmas, now returning again after one year it is widely known as the update that covers Ponydale in a lot of snow while giving the remaining maps so called "sweet spots" where you can see snow falling from the sky.

Second on our list is a fan favorite, costumes. Dressing up as a scary ghost, bat or mummy, everyone had their joy with these spooky outfits. In our April fools update we saw for the first time how you could be the long requested All-I-corn.
Next to that we added another long-requested addition to the costumes, scarves.
Last for our fun wearables we added over the year not one or 2 but 12 new armors all with special stats to make your pony powerful. Not forgetting the wearable pots and pans.

To make it extra special, the latest armor that has been added gives a very cool customizable option.

Next up, places to visit. As the game grows on tools, we must not forget the important things of the game. This year saw the addition and revamps of some maps.
To start off we begin with the biggest addition, Athamanes.

Giving access to the long-requested dungeon Athamanes is a lost city recently uncovered, but for now the secrets below the city still have to be uncovered.
While it is fun to explore, we can't forget the fact that ponies need to study, one of our updates added the Ponydale schoolhouse.

And last on our maps we've added a large gala hall for you to give parties.

For our last recap of the year we come to the most important part. Game mechanics.
For starters, the entire combat system has been revamped and xp gain altered to accommodate to the new crafting system.

And finally, we have added some extras to make it easier for you to interact with players and items. Banks were added all around to give you extra storage. And not to forget the trading system that made it easy for you to conduct trades and gifts.

2018 was a fun year for us and 2019 will not be any less. We are working hard to make this game better and give players a chance to help us make it big.
Finally, to close this recap, we hope you enjoyed this trip into LoE's memory lane and hope to see you again in 2019. Don't forget: "Pony should pony pony".

The LoE Team
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