Scarf Not Visable

Started by Rodan_, 2018 Dec 27, 04:07:33

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It is equipped but is not viable to me or other players, anyone else have this problem?

Noodle Script

No, sorry, I can't say I have had this problem, so I can't provide a solution that is sure to work. Here are some things that MIGHT work:

- Try unequipping it and equipping it again.

If that doesn't work:

- Close the game and start it again. Sometimes the game has weird bugs that go away when you start it anew.

If it still doesn't work:

- Try unequipping and equipping it after you have restarted the game.

Also, are you wearing armor? It might be worn over your scarf, so nopony can see it.

Again, this is not guaranteed to work, since I don't have that problem myself. If it didn't help, I'm sorry.

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