Micro Transaction's quest: Genius... (spoilers, also it's a pony name)

Started by Dr_Nomz, 2018 Dec 24, 13:06:22

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My god, I just have to say that is the single greatest thing ever.

"It's a whole new BATTLEFRONT!?" HAHAHA

"Surprise boxes!" xD

Seriously, you guys got me good with that one. Best quest so far, your writers are incredible. That entire quest was amazing, thank you for creating it.


I know I find the mini-map too mini to be of a lot of help and if as happened with the graduation quest there's no visible gold ! to guide me I spend a long time wandering around and getting lost trying to figure out where I'm meant to go. I finally gave up and looked online to check it wasn't bugged (game crashed right as I finished the last tutorial mission) as I thought the graduation hall was that big lecture theatre space in the university not the open park in a different part of the city.

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