How do I sell/store items?

Started by Dr_Nomz, 2018 Dec 24, 09:15:34

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Seems pretty clear there's an inventory limit, also I want BITS. :D

That said, is there someplace I can store my items for later use? Or do I drop them into the void once I hit my limit?

And can I SELL my stuff? I picked up like a hundred mushrooms during the wolf-pony quest and I would LOVE to make a quick bit off of these. ^_^

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Hello, Dr. Nomz.

You can store items in the bank. The bank in Cantermore also looks like a bank and there is a guard standing in front of it. The bank in the Crystal Kingdom is less obvious. It is just a door on the central plaza. You can interact with the bank by clicking on the bank door. Once the bank is open, you can transfer items to it by clicking on them in your inventory. Click on the item in the bank to transfer it back into your inventory.

I don't know if you can sell items to NPCs (you can certainly buy from some of them), but you can trade with players. Right click on them and then select "Trade". Then click on the items you want to sell. If you made a mistake, click on them in the trade view and they are transferred back. Once both players have clicked on the crystal in the middle, the goods are exchanged. However, as far as I know, you cannot suggest an amount for the other player to pay. You select what you have to offer, then the other player decides what s/he is willing to give in exchange and when you both accept, it's a deal, otherwise, not.

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Yes, you can sell items to merchants and vendors. Just right-click on an item and you can choose how many you want to sell. Musrooms, however, are not getting you any bits right now.  The value of used items got lowered, so that items you bought from a vendor and that you resell get you less money than what you paid for them (used items always lose worth, realism FOR THE WIN!), which seems to have derped something, because it caused that some items get you only zero bits anymore now.
But you can keep the mushrooms anyway. You will likely get a lot more bits soon by doing quests and fighting monsters, but the item value is something that will likely get re-balanced eventually, so if you keep them, you can sell them later if you need quick money for some reason.
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