Legends of Equestria's 2018 Holiday Update is Live!

Started by Ellowee, 2018 Dec 23, 22:03:43

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2018 Dec 23, 22:03:43 Last Edit: 2018 Dec 24, 18:09:20 by Galapagois
Hey again, everypony! There's still a little time left (emphasis on little) that we can credibly get away with releasing a 'holiday' update, so in our now-yearly tradition, we're pushing one out in the eleventh hour! Version 2018.10.01 is now available from our downloads page.

First things first: as you might expect, this update brings the now-traditional (two years in a row is enough to establish a tradition, right?) snowfall in Ponydale, as well as some winter-themed decorations. Other seasonal additions have also been restored, such as the rare Enchanted Ice Skates drop, and Ensemble's holiday costume quest!

On top of that, we're adding something really, truly, very exciting. More exciting than anything else we've ever added. More exciting than socks.

Yeah, I said it; more exciting than socks.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new must-have adorable cosmetic item: scarves!

Now available from your local clothes-horse.

There's other new additions, too! Two, actually - two new armor sets are now available. Iridescent Armor can be created by speaking to expert artisan Golden Gauntlet, whose unrivalled technique allows her to combine Sunlight Armor with Marble Dust to create something new. It's not just NPCs getting new creative power, though; player artisans may also discover new recipes to create Pearlescent Armor!

There's plenty more included - new quests, readable book functionality, updates to textures and music, and more. You can check out our full changelog post for all the details!

We hope that you enjoy the new content, as well as the seasonal specials! As always, though, if you have any issues or bugs to report, please do so using our Phabricator system, as explained here, to ensure that the right people on the team know about the issue and can get to work on fixing it.

Happy holidays from the whole team to every single one of you, and we'll see you in Equestria!

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Huzzah! Gotta check it out :D
New armor seems very intriguing, but i have a question - where we can find Marble Dust? Got a plenty of sun armor since very long times.
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My launcher won't update and the download site won't load. What do I do?

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Great update,there has been a bug with launchers if it is fixable,if it is,please fix it,thank you for this great update! :D
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Sounds like loads of fun, but unfortunatelly since the update came (23/12/18) I can't even open the game  D: ... On the download page from the link the last update is marked as 01/10/18... The game loaded some folder named "2018-12-23_063934", but there is no instruction anywhere on how to run it - and I can't run the game without update as it won't open and screams that I need to update ...

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if you use Windows: after unzipping the file, double-click on loe.exe to start the game. It is a second copy of the game that runs without the launcher and won't update itself. It is the newest version of the game, so you should be able to run it. However, I hope that the launcher will be updated soon, so we can soon use that again.


the update works well but i dont see my new socks and scarves i think its a glich and i dont think i had the flowers for the new npc but i got the socks anyways but i still dont see them or the scarves


Is there a way to restart Ensemble's holiday costume quest, since my costume from last year seems to have vanished, either due to a glitch in game or an accidental deletion (I don't remember doing it, but it's not entirely impossible).


i have tried to update the game and it wouldn't let me, i have even tried to re-download it. it always sais to update and i have tried to.

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It seems that the updater is still outdated. You will need to download one of the direct downloads here. The recent version is 2018.10.01.

What you will get is a ZIP file. Unzip it and double-click on loe.exe. The game will start immediately, there will be no launcher. Thus, it won't download future updates.

I hope they will update the launcher soon, because that's the more comfortable way when you are on Windows.


i did that but there is no loe.exe in the zip-file, and i checked all threw out it.

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That's strange. It looks like this on my computer:

I have Windows x64.

However, if you use Mac or Linux, I can't help you, since I haven't looked into these downloads.

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Okay, maybe this is a bit late, but there is one more thing I thought about. FireShadow, if this is still relevant to you and you haven't solved it yet: Windows might sometimes hide file extensions (i.e. not show the "exe" thing). So if that helps: It might just be called "loe". I don't know what operating system you have, but if it is Windows x64, the file you need is the one that is not "loe_Data" and is about 21.808 KB in size.


Is it only me, or also anypony else can't connect to the game servers?
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