Legends of Equestria Changelog 23rd December 2018 (V. 2018.10.01)

Started by Ellowee, 2018 Dec 23, 20:47:59

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  • Added quest 'Save the Date'.
  • Added quest 'Paper Trail of Destruction'.
  • Added quest 'Adventure Never Ends'.
  • Added quest 'Sock It To 'Em'.
  • Updated quest 'A Treat for Taffy' to be foal only, as was originally intended.
  • Re-activated holiday costume quest 'Dashing Through The Snow'.

  • Enchanted Ice Skates are available once more.
  • Added scarves as a wearable item. Scarves are the new socks, and the following variations are officially replacing them from now on:
    • Holiday Scarf
    • Peppermint Scarf
    • Winter Scarf
    • Spearmint Scarf
  • Just kidding; socks are never going away. Speaking of: added Holiday Socks.
  • Added consumable item Firework.
  • Sunlight Armor can now be combined with Marble Dust by Golden Gauntlet, to create Pearlescent Armor.
  • Similarly, Golden Gauntlet can now infuse Pearlescent Armor with Prismatic Shards, to create Iridescent Armor.
  • Added book functionality. Books acquired during quests and in the game world can now be read [note: this is currently limited to books we have content implemented for, but will expand as fast as our expert team of writey-horses can work their magical hoof-pencils].

  • Seasonal snow has returned to Ponydale once again! With it comes the rest of the festive decorations, such as holiday trees across Equestria.
  • Updated some Gala Hall textures.
  • Added new music to the Ponydale, Boutique, and Heartlands Cottage locations.
  • Added falling snow to the character screen.
  • Fixed portal rotation issues in the Digsite dungeon.

  • The loading screen snow can occasionally disappear. Maybe it's a bug; maybe it's global warming! No, it's definitely a bug.

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